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Jim Peterik's smooth Jazz project "Lifeforce"


Jim Peterik - Grammy¨ winning singer, songwriter and guitar/keyboardist - has unveiled his first smooth jazz project, Jim Peterik's Lifeforce. As the founding member of both Survivor and The Ides Of March, he has been responsible for eighteen Top 10 hits, three of which, "Vehicle," "The Search Is Over," and the Grammy¨ winning "Eye Of the Tiger" (theme from Rocky III), made it all the way to No. 1. Peterik is also responsible for many of the hits of 38 Special, such as "Hold On Loosely," "Caught Up In You," and "Fantasy Girl." His songs have been featured worldwide in countless movies, television shows, sporting events and commercials. Who knew that behind the rock legend was a musician steeping himself almost exclusively in smooth jazz and new age in his time off? 

Peterik said, "My wife of 35 years, Karen, and I have been huge fans since day one of Pat Metheny, David Grusin, Spyro Gyra, Keiku Matsui, Acoustic Alchemy, Basia and so many more. Writing and performing this style myself is just a natural progression from fan to artist." 

Jim Peterik's Lifeforce is a potent synergy of his many influences through the years. Along with the exciting new songs he has written for this album, there are also jazzy re-imaginings of two of his biggest hits: "Eye Of The Tiger" and "Vehicle." In addition, "The Search Is Over" has been recast as a duet between Peterik and Lisa McClowry, a rising smooth jazz singer who is featured with him throughout this album. 

"My message and mood is positive and uplifting," Peterik said. "Much like the theme of 'Eye Of The Tiger,' I feel that visualization of your desired outcome is the first step to actualization. This theme, as well as making sure we appreciate each day, runs through my songs." 
The album, produced by Peterik and Larry Millas, features some of the world's finest musicians: Ed Breckenfeld on drums, Mike Aquino and Peterik on guitar, Klem Hayes on bass, Christian Cullen, Scott May, Jeff Lantz and Jim on keyboards, Steve Eisen on sax and flute and Lisa McClowry on vocals. Special guests include smooth jazz great Nick Colionne on the standout track, "Unconditional Surrender," with Larry Gray and Sharay Reed on upright bass.

Orleans "Obscurities"


Since Orleans began recording in the 1970s, the band has worked in the studio on many songs that have never been released to any audience. they've also done "demo" versions of some of their tunes that they still find as good or better than the released "master" versions you've already heard. 
And ... there are some songs they've recorded for solo projects they're very fond of - and they fit right into the Orleans style and sound. This "Obscurities" collection gathers a generous amount - 14 to be exact - of these studio tracks, spanning 1977 to the present. There are even a couple of brand new unreleased songs in this collection! 

Larry and Lance Hopen have personally selected only the best of these songs and productions, debated for days over the proper sequencing of the tracks ... they've even added personal liner notes for each cut to give you some insight into where each recording comes from. 

This project is being "mastered" as you read this. After that, it's off to the disc manufacturer. Give it a few weeks and voila! ... the "Orleans: Obscurities" CD will be ready for delivery ... just in time for the Holidays!

Joe Sample & Randy Crawford new duet album.


2008 release, a collaboration between Georgia-born R&B/Jazz vocalist Randy Crawford and keyboardist Joe Sample. There's great, unobtrusive backing by Steve Gadd (drums) and Christian McBride (bass), the occasional tasty touch of guitar and brass, and intuitive piano accompaniment by Sample. 

Crawford's voice has deepened and mellowed over the years and she doesn't go in for the vocal gymnastics she once did, but her tremulous phrasing is as distinctive and appealing as ever.

Erik Mongrain "Equilibrium Experience"


Erik Mongrain is a self-taught French- Canadian guitar player that absolutely shreds. It’s like Van Halen meets James Taylor; furious but soothing.” — Tai Irwin, Boston Herald 

Picking up where 2007's surprise release “Fates" left off. “Equilibrium” is the second album from Montreal's acoustic guitar genius and #1 Youtube sensation, Erik Mongrain featuring special guests Michael Manring and Bill Plummer. 
Recorded at Paul Reed Smith's Dragon Crossing Studios (PRS Guitars) in August 2008, Equilibrium once again demonstrates that special talent which hundreds of thousands have witnessed online and raved about since. 

Interview with Peter Friestedt about LA Projects II


The year 2008 is very rich in music and artists we like. At the same time Joseph Williams, Bill Champlin and Randy Goodrum (JAR) comes with brand new records, can I forget to mention these great musicians and singers were part of Peter Friestedt's 2nd LA project. 

The album consists of ten songs and Peter has amongst others co-written with Bill Champlin, Randy Goodrum, Brian Hobbs, Bill Cantos and Lou Pardini. Regarding the song-writing Peter says: "I have written some of my strongest material ever, I have been surrounded by great co-writers and I am very proud of the way the tracks turned out"

Peter’s extraordinary guitar work shines throughout the record, going from sensitive acoustic guitar and slick rhythm lines to blistering solos. What makes this record irresistible is the combination of outstanding musical performances, state of the art song-writing and high quality production!


A brand new album "No place left to fall" and re-releases from Japan for Bill Champlin


At last! The new Bill Champlin album entitled "No Place Left to Fall" will be available for purchase at cdjapan and ZINC MUSIC
Recorded with Billy Ward, George Hawkins Jr, Bruce Gaitsch and many guests such as Peter Cetera, Mark Eddinger, Steve Lukather, Jerry Lopez and Will Champlin to name a few, the long awaited new BC record in 13 years contains 13 "GREAT" songs including a new version of "Look Away" (originally recorded for Chicago 19). 

This special edition does not only consist of 13 new songs with a total length of 68 minutes, you are also treated with a 70 minute DVD (region free) featuring a lengthy documentary of the recording of the album plus some extra cool stuff - all nicely packed in a slipcase. 

In the words of drummer, Billy Ward, "I became a Bill Champlin fan in the early seventies when he led, what was to me, a ground-breaking band, The Sons Of Champlin. He´s written and sang on probably over 400 hit songs, the later ones with the band Chicago. His organ playing has him ranked on most peoples "A" list and he plays the heck out of the guitar as well! He is one of the finest musicians I´ve ever gotten the privilege to play with.” Dennis Cook, in Jambase and Relix Magazine adds, “Age has done nothing to diminish his powers, and in fact, brings nuances to the material that a young cat just can´t muster." 

At the same time, Bill Champlin's music lovers will appreciate the re-releases (with new artworks) of "Burn down the night" (with 2 bonus tracks), "Through it all", "He started to sing", "Mayday" and SONS OF CHAMPLIN's "Secret" and "Hip li'l dreams". 

Read "No place to fall" songs commented by Bill here
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HipBootJoe... Amazing "country rock" band to discover!


HipBootJoe has roots in southern Louisiana, but their fresh, contemporary sound is catching the attention of listeners around the globe. Since this hard-working band’s formation in 2001, HipBootJoe has grown in popularity becoming the hottest band on the Gulf Coast and making their mark on various regions of the country. 

With a current country sound influenced by the subtle flavor of New Orleans and riding on the edge of diverse musical influences, HipBootJoe seems to always stop listeners in their tracks. Their ever-increasing fan base has skyrocketed since the release of their latest CD, "Louisiana State Line". Having shared the stage with artists such as Kenny Chesney at his recent New Orleans show, HipBootJoe signed an exclusive agency agreement with the legendary Buddy Lee Attractions in Nashville, Tennessee, a move to ensure that thousands more can enjoy their live performances. 

The band is made up of talented musicians and avid songwriters with an abundance of on-stage energy. These guys love to perform, and it shows. Big D and Bubba (syndicated radio show hosts) call HipBootJoe “our favorite people from southern Louisiana”. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Hipbootjoe LIVE!

  HIPBOOTJOE: Louisiana State Line

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Tom Kimmel - "Never saw blue"


"Never Saw Blue" is award winning singer-writer Tom Kimmel’s latest album, and it’s a delightful collection of a dozen Kimmel songs featured in film & television. From recent Kimmel songs heard in “Runaway Bride” and “Serendipity” to early TK songs that appeared in “The Captain Kangaroo Show” and “Miami Vice,” this compilation is an entertaining and inspiring musical journey through this brilliant artist’s evolving creative life. 

Included as bonus tracks here are three newly recorded and never-before-heard personal favorites of Tom’s, written for films but left on the proverbial cutting room floor… rounding out a superb 15-track collection. From contemporary folk ballad to rockabilly rave-up, "Never Saw Blue" offers something to Kimmel fans old and new.

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Seal's new album "Soul" produced by David Foster


A great voice singing great songs recorded by a great producer. That is 'Soul', the sixth studio album from multiplatinum selling, Grammy-winning, critically acclaimed Seal. Each song is a stone-cold soul classic, from Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come", Ben E. King's "Stand By Me", and Ann Pebbles' "I Can't Stand The Rain" to Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes' "If You Don't Know Me By Now" and Otis Redding's "I've Been Loving You Too Long". Produced by David Foster, "Soul" is the perfect coming together of man, material and moment.