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Kate Campbell "Save the day"


"Save The Day" finds Kate Campbell once again mining the veins of her folk, country, bluegrass, gospel, pop and blues roots. As with her previous releases, Kate's abiding fascination with storytelling, race, religion and history continue to fuel her creative pursuits. This collection of smart, reflective and sometimes quirky songs makes for a quintessential Kate Campbell album--something that Kate's ever-increasing base of loyal fans have come to expect from her. Inspiration for the twelve new and original songs spring from literary notables such as Harper Lee, Langston Hughes, Thomas Merton and Joan Didion. Kate's favorite musical collaborator, Walt Aldridge, produced the CD. Whether it's someone who discovers Kate for the first time or a longtime fan, the listener will soon realize that each of Kate's tunes touches something transcendent in the human spirit. 

"Save the day" features guest vocals by John Prine (Looking For Jesus), Nanci Griffith (Fordlandia), Mac McAnally (Falling Out Of Heaven), and Kate's New Agrarian pals Pierce Pettis and Tom Kimmel (Everybody Knows Elvis). 

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt - Hemifran

Luke Jackson ...and then some


Luke Jackson released his new album titled "...and then some". Has the best of Swedish pop all rolled into one. "Come Tomorrow" has a lot of Merrymakers and Beagle in it's soul, with an instantly catchy chorus and plenty of dreamy harmonies. The softer This Life recalls both ELO and even Chilliwack, with it's upbeat chorus and orchestral details. "Goodbye London" is great balance between pop sense and Brit-rock, illustrating a series of life's obstacles and his troubles when stricken by a period of writer's block during the summer of 2006. The arrangements here are flawless, and they run from quick paced hot to the cool and soulful ballad 'A Little Voice.' The piano theatrics and sweeping strings of 'All I Can Do' sound like a latter day Klaatu song. This is a expressive album that wears it's heart on it's sleeve with 'Longest Day' like Oasis meeting Kansas (love that organ solo bridge) Fans of Bleu, Jeff Lynne, Canadian or Swedish power pop will flip for this album that touches the spectrum of emotions.

 Thanks to Peter Holmstedt - Hemifran

Joseph Williams "This fall"


Joseph Williams's NEW solo album called " THIS FALL" will be released in japan november 19th on WHD entertainment on HQCD format. The album features guest appearances and songs co-written with BOBBY KIMBALL, STEVE LUKATHER, DAVID PAICH (co-compose, piano, organ, lead vocal), STEVE PORCARO, RICHIE ZITO, JAY GRUSKA. 
Also.... Mark T Williams, Joseph's daughter Hannah and Rick Marotta complete the list. 
Joseph composed or co-composed all of the songs, and produced the album with Joey Carbone, his longtime friend. Simply said, this album is BRILLIANT and will be a great fan pleaser.

You can now visit Joseph Williams' MySpace page Here!

Boz Scaggs's new album "Speak Low"!


"Speak Low" is Boz Scaggs's 17th. studio album; a follow-up to 2003's "But Beautiful" - "a sort of progressive, experimental effort ... along the lines of some of the ideas that Gil Evans explored" says Boz. Songs on the album include Chet Baker's "She Was Too Good To Be True," Johnny Mercer's "This Time the Dream's on Me," the often recorded "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free" and the Kurt Weill/Ogden Nash title track. "I'm a vocalist," Scaggs says. "I come more out of a blues/rhythm & blues background, but this is a different way of using my voice, and much more musically challenging and adventurous for me."

Interview with Randy Goodrum and Jay Graydon by Will Minting


Will Minting recently interviewed Jay Graydon (Airplay, Planet 3) and Randy Goodrum (Chicago, Steve Lukather) who released together as the supergroup JaR their first album. A melodic masterpiece with songs across the board - a mixture of Pop, R&B, AC, AOR and Jazz. It is superbly crafted, loaded with original, sophisticated, catchy songs, with subtle harmonies and interesting melodic hooks. The musical concept is totally new, yet slightly familiar to anyone into the Steely Dan sound, as the songs build on a similar formula with complex jazz-influenced chord structures that are pleasant to the ear with unexpected musical twists, as well as apt, fun and innovative lyrics. Further, the groove is mature with exceptional playing and singing, and as usual Jay Graydon plays his guitar with elegant and intelligent accuracy. 

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Richard Marx presents his 2 new releases "Emotional Remains" & "Sundown"


Emotional Remains is a bit of a departure for Richard Marx, with a brand of rock that some may not think is synonomous with the artist, writer, and producer that has helped to launch sales of a combined 50 million albums worldwide. 

"This is the most straight ahead, modern rock album I've made in my career thus far," said Marx." "And the fact that I can just put music out on the web, direct to our fans, is what makes this project feel like a labor of love." 
Whether it's "Better or Worse," an undeniably catchy and inspirational rock ballad that will resonate with Marx fans old and new, or the faster-paced "From the Inside, " which features a darkly confessional lyric backed by a wall of guitars, the tracks are poised to join Richard's existing arsenal of hits. The forthcoming album also contains some of the chart topper's most ambitious and personal works to date. The songs possess the heartfelt vocals found in all of Marx's signature songs, but with a hard rock edge. From "Through My Veins," a poignant tribute to Richard's father to "When November Falls," a loving father/son ballad that Richard dedicated to his sons. 

Emotional Remains, which will debut online and at Marx's website, features songs co-written by Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon, Fee Waybill of The Tubes, and singer/songwriter Graham Colton. Marx adds, "This recording is certainly evidence of the music that I've been listening to over the last few years, and vocally it took me to a different place than where I've been."


This album includes original material written and performed by Richard, duets with musicians Toni Braxton and Vince Gill, as well as covers of songs from such iconic artists as The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. This album marks the first of Richard's releases to include cover songs on its official track listing. 

Richard says, "I really enjoyed venturing out of my comfort zone performing the covers on Sundown. I found recording these songs to be a challenging but, ultimately, a very rewarding experience. I just hope there are songs on this album that move someone other than me." In addition to "Wild Horses" and The Beatles' "And I Love Her," featuring country singer and songwriter Vince Gill, Richard lends his expansive vocal range and unique instrumentation to Roberta Flack's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," and Sade's "Ordinary Love", and the original song "Suddenly," featuring best-selling singer Toni Braxton.

Craig Morgan "That's why"


Craig Morgan released his new album, "That's Why", featuring the hit single "Love Remembers." One of country music's best-loved artists, Craig Morgan, has made a name for himself with massive radio airplay of his signature hits, including "Almost Home' which was named Music Row Song of the Year in 2003, the chart-topping summer anthem "Redneck Yacht Club," and "That's What I Love About Sunday"-- which spent five weeks at #1 and was Billboard's Most Played Country Song of the Year in 2005. Craig has received two consecutive nominations for New Male Vocalist of the Year from the Academy of Country Music.


New "Green" song by Platinum band, Firefall, ganing Worldwide attention and acclaim


"WALK MORE SOFTLY" is the dynamic new single from 1970s hit-makers FIREFALL, an environmental ‘green’ song with a humble message of ‘treating each other better’ and ‘taking much better care of our fragile planet’ is resonating with everyone who hears the song. It will be internationally debuted on SIRIUS Satellite Radio on Thursday, Sept. 18, 2008 on “SIRIUS 7 – Totally 70s.” This timely song connects with people young and old on musical and rhythmic levels, and in the simple truth of it’s message. Treat all people - your loved ones, friends and everyone alike - with more respect and dignity. Give more of yourself. And take much better care of the world we live in. WALK MORE SOFTLY ON THE EARTH. 

"WALK MORE SOFTLY" is the first studio recording by FIREFALL that features both the 2008 band, together for nearly twenty years, and many of original 1976 FIREFALL members. Those guys always knew how to make great records, and this song proves that again in 2008. It is a celebration of the best this group has been in the studio. This amazing recording will become a classic and will rock the world, taking it’s place along the other great FIREFALL hit tunes like “You Are The Woman,” “Strange Way,” “Just Remember I Love You,” “Cinderella,” “Goodbye I Love You,” “Mexico,” “Livin Aint Livin,’ “So Long” and others. Singer/songwriter/Co-Producer Jock Bartley was approached by Ms. Jill Buck, founder and CEO of the Go Green Initiative Association (GGIA), who felt the words and message in this heartfelt song completely represent their efforts and beliefs. And because of the incredible environmental and educational good they are doing around the globe, Jock, FIREFALL and the non-profit Go Green Initiative will be joining hands with "WALK MORE SOFTLY." He has graciously provided the use of his song to the Go Green Initiative ( for their 2009 Initiative Theme. 

Says Bartley, "Like the Go Green Initiative itself, this song is really above any political affiliation. It speaks to all citizens that we must change in order to protect our narrowing resources." 

"Cleaning Up The Business" by Smooth Reunion


ZincMusic released "Cleaning Up The Business" by Smooth Reunion.

Guitarist Josef Melin and drummer Samuel Andre met in 2006 at a school called ITM in Sweden. They soon discovered that they both liked really good music and that very Christmas, that depressingly grey Swedish Christmas, Smooth Reunion was born. They immediately started out writing and recording and it was not long until they presented their debut album “Scandinavian Bus Mentality” in 2007. Hard at work ever since polishing new composition into perfection together with a wide range of musical friends, from the horn section to the amazing back up singers, everything is perfect without losing their humour. Many are those that have been taken by storm by these young guys and many more are about to be the same, a splendid piece of work all ten tracks through…