A brand new album "No place left to fall" and re-releases from Japan for Bill Champlin
Erik Mongrain "Equilibrium Experience"

Interview with Peter Friestedt about LA Projects II


The year 2008 is very rich in music and artists we like. At the same time Joseph Williams, Bill Champlin and Randy Goodrum (JAR) comes with brand new records, can I forget to mention these great musicians and singers were part of Peter Friestedt's 2nd LA project. 

The album consists of ten songs and Peter has amongst others co-written with Bill Champlin, Randy Goodrum, Brian Hobbs, Bill Cantos and Lou Pardini. Regarding the song-writing Peter says: "I have written some of my strongest material ever, I have been surrounded by great co-writers and I am very proud of the way the tracks turned out"

Peter’s extraordinary guitar work shines throughout the record, going from sensitive acoustic guitar and slick rhythm lines to blistering solos. What makes this record irresistible is the combination of outstanding musical performances, state of the art song-writing and high quality production!



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