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Known for their energetic stage shows and slick-sounding fast songs as well as their heartfelt ballads, One Night Rodeo is a band that not only is appealing to a more youthful demographic, but has gained fans of all ages from all parts of the U.S. 

The accomplished, credentialed band One Night Rodeo is the poster band for balancing a childlike creativity with a grown-up sensibility. Playing at well known venues all over their native state of Florida, Jack Tamburin, Cory Hildreth, Duane Allison, Mike Elrod , and Danielle Jorgensen clearly have a blast performing, trading off lead singing duties (with no weak link among the strong voices) and all of them brandishing riffs at one another, this group definitely puts on a commanding performance you wont want to miss. 

The Bradenton-Sarasota based band has been together over a nine year period with almost the same lineup — an impressive feat in the capricious music world. They've regularly played the famous Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville, and its cousin in Orlando. They've opened for Rascal Flatts four times, Keith Urban twice, and Montgomery Gentry among many other seasoned professionals they've had the pleasure to share the stage with. It would be a much shorter list to mention the artists that they haven't performed with than to try to list the ones that they have. 

Watch them play and their high-test bio won't surprise you — the band is excellent: tight, well rehearsed, versatile and energetic. They'll present the best of country music on the radio now, a smattering of classic favorites, and a handful of their own original tunes from one of their four self-written and self-produced records. 

Hildreth has a solid, fine singing voice along with the crowd pleasing stage personality that every front man desires while swapping the keys for mandolin and acoustic guitar. 
Allison's bass playing style has the relentless, in-your-face presence that defines every One Night Rodeo song they perform, and not surprisingly has a snap-to-attention voice that lends the powerful high-tenor to their songs, whether he's singing harmony or lead vocals. 

Tamburin, the founder of One Night Rodeo, plays dancing-fingered electric guitar with the charisma of any great guitarist to date, and takes lead singing duties with a commanding growl of a voice and has a long-haired rock-star attitude. He is the composer and lyricist of all their original material. Elrod, keeps a progressive rhythm on drums and is the driving force behind the music that makes the fans want to get out on the floor and dance. He also lends harmony vocals every now and then. 

Jorgensen, the most recent member of the group started with the band in 2005 at the tender age of 16, she has quickly matured into a versatile musician, trading the fiddle for both the acoustic guitar and electric guitar with flash and flair, bringing cheers and wild applause from the audience. They're seasoned pros, not only for their compelling sound but the way they read their audience, alternating fast-paced songs, line dance numbers and slow dances, while mixing in their top notch originals. Once you have seen them perform live you will definitely become a lifelong fan.


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