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Abi Tapia "The beauty in the ruin"

Fayssoux "Early"


Fayssoux's debut album "Early" is a stunning work of grace and beauty, featuring a combination of originals, works of old friends (like Rodney Crowell and Paul Craft), traditional folk, old-time gospel, country rock and love ballads. Fayssoux's voice was an integral element of some of country music's finest recordings. As Fayssoux Starling, she sang duet and harmony vocals on Emmylou Harris' "Green Rolling Hills", "Spanish is a Loving Tongue," "Bluebird Wine", "Too Far Gone" and more. 

After years out of the recording business, Fayssoux (now McLean) was rediscovered by music journalist, author and singer-songwriter Peter Cooper, who convinced her to return to performing and who produced this record. In a fun turn of events on this CD, Emmylou Harris now sings harmonies for Fayssoux. Other guests include Ricky Skaggs, The Whites, David Ball and the legendary Lloyd Green on pedal steel and Dobro. 

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt - Hemifran

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