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Little green was formed by Thomas Pontén (mandolin, guitars and vocals) and Andreas Johannesson (Lead vocals and guitar) in Gothenborg. At first in more of a singer-songwriter-style but they gradually transformed into a country/bluegrass-act. Soon they felt the duoformat to be a bit limiting, and they brought in other musicians with Thomas and Andreas remaining as core members. Other members are Karl Wassholm (bass), Fred Sörensson (fiddle) and Johan Hjalmarsson (drums). 

Little green gets their own sound through their wide range of influences and a fair amount of disrespect for tradition. The lyrics are usually quite dark and brooding, and reek with some ”Swedish melancholy”. The music however, is often stirring and catchy with simple but effective vocal harmony. Some of their influences are: Darrell Scott, Tim O´Brien, The Greencards, Nickel Creek, Dixie Chicks, Steve Earle and Neil Young

The band have played a number of gigs, and has reached the finals in the swedish championships of country-music for two years straight. 2006 they participated in the alt country-genre and in 2007 in bluegrass. Little green is now pleased to present their new album “Crossing lanes”.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt - Hemifran


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