Richard Page & Walter Afanasieff "I Always Cry At Christmas"
Fayssoux "Early"

Richard Page's back with a new song, a new site and great news...


Last time I've been talked about Richard Page (Pages, Mr Mister, 3rd Matenee), he was performing live with Peter Wolf's all star band "Powerhaus" in Ojay. Since his solo record "Shelter me", Richard 's been concentrated on writing songs for others. Over the years, many people have told him that they 'd like to hear more and now it's the time to listen to a brand new song co-written with Walter Afanasieff "I always cry at Christmas" and produced by his wife Linda. That song is just amazingly beautiful!

An other great news is that Richard has now his official site and plans to share his music through it in the future.  He says "My intention is to post some of my new songs here and on iTunes on a regular basis. This seems like the perfect way for me to release songs that I want to share with you all at a pace I feel comfortable with. (and maybe offset some of the horrible sounding bootleg demos that have been making their way around the internet)" and adds "My wish is that in some small way, the music I post here will be of benefit to all who listen".


Keep working ,great job!

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