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Andreas Aleman "This is life"


"Another great artist from sweden is born. His name is Andreas Aleman! His "This is life" has all the grooves you can expect from the best. If you like Tower of Power and Bill Champlin, you will love Andreas's music for sure!" 
Arnaud Leger

Andreas Aleman was born and raised in Södertälje (Sweden). He began his musical career at the age of 3 when he started playing accordion and piano. Not long after that he began writing his own music. He found his musical style early on, largely thanks to his parents’ record collection, which included everything from soul, funk, blues, rock, gospel and country. He listened, studied, and learned these different genres and taught himself how to play in all these styles. 

This formed the basis of his musical direction. While still in school, he played with various bands, which was where he began to utilize and develop his unique singing voice. When he was 16 he started getting musician and vocal gigs in Stockholm and since then has played in many different ensembles, bands and other music-related connections. He started focusing on songwriting after meeting songwriter/producer Brian Hobbs, EIDOLON PRODUCTIONS

They started collaborating and this collaboration has resulted in many songs in various styles and genres, as well as co-productions and a good friendship. In 2002 Andreas was awarded a grant from the Swedish Performing Rights Association, STIM (Svenska Tonsättares Internationella Musikbyrå). Currently, he is working full-time with music and runs his own company, Andreas Aleman Music.

Thanks to Brian Hobbs

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