Janey "Fallen for Brazil"
Pat Green's new album "What I'm for"

Big Dume "Inside my head"


Reflective of the Malibu coastline for which they are named, Big Dume deliver a musical blend of power, beauty and danger while seductively evoking extraordinary emotion. Formed in early 2004 by singer/songwriter Brandon Jenner and a close knit group of musicians emerging from the growing Malibu music scene at venues including the Malibu Inn and the Dume Room, Big Dume released their debut full-length CD titled, Inside My Head, on July 26, 2008. 

Opening with the dark and introspective title track, "Inside My Head" moves through an incredible fusion of styles, thought-provoking lyrics and emotive arrangements before closing with a stripped down acoustic confessional in "I Lost You." Loaded with textured melodies and biting honesty, the album ventures deeply into the complex balance between love and loss; narcissism and humility; sensitivity and cynicism; confusion and clarity; while within it all, an addictive curiosity leads the listener from one track to the next with heightened interest. 

A commanding presence on stage, Brandon Jenner, at age 24, is in every way a natural born star. With a pedigree and environment overflowing with talent and charisma, Brandon is the first-born of gold-medal Olympian Bruce Jenner and pop-culture beauty and award winning lyricist, Linda Thompson. Thompson later married 14-time GRAMMY Award winning producer David Foster, who has been a close part of Brandon’s life and growth for 20 years.


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