Michael Tomlinson's new cd "The Way Out West"
"Heat" Live at the Maple room.

Max Meazza "Highway 101"


Now available at Itune and cdbaby some classic songs by Italian singer Max Meazza like "Highway 101", "Gas Station","Angel of the Night"... 
Guest musicians: Paolo Fresu (trumpet), Walter Calloni (ex PFM) (drums) Amedeo Bianchi (sax),Claudio Bazzari (guitar),Augusto Mancinelli (guitar), Tiziana Ghiglioni (vocals),Attilio Zanchi (Double Bass),Tiziano Tononi (drums), Flying Foxes,Stefano Pulga (Keyboards),Isabella Pinucci (vocals),Edo Martin (keyboards),Claudio Pascoli (sax),Massimo Spinosa (bass). 

Two tracks were never realesed: "Too Late For My Heart" and "Strong Arms and Roads". After "Summer of 71" and the superb "West Coast Hotel" this is another great opportunity to listen to this great singer/songwriter.

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