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Max Meazza "Highway 101"

Michael Tomlinson's new cd "The Way Out West"


Michael Tomlinson has been well known since the late 80s for his jazz-inflected vocals and strong, poetic lyrics. The Way Out West is a long awaited return to a full band format. Michael has released several solo acoustic discs over the last fifteen years but this is his first full production in over a decade. Two years in the making, it's a rich mixture of rhythmic, melodic songs, ranging from rock and pop influenced to folk and country. In fact, those influences permeate almost all of Michael's music until finally, it simply becomes his own genre: Michael Tomlinson Music. 

Here's the words he says about it: "When I was first beginning this new recording I could not help but recall my very first album, Run This Way Forever. That record did some unexpectedly wonderful things in the world and in my life. I expect that if I live to be an old man I will still be hearing from people about what those songs meant to them and how something in the music made them feel less lonely. 
In thinking back on those songs and that time, I brought it all home to now, to this moment creating another new cycle of songs, and I simply asked that the work feel benevolent to those who listen. You start out in life thinking you will perhaps achieve brilliant things. If you live long enough, you just want to do things that might bring a bit of peace and gratitude. That is what I believe has happened with the songs on The Way Out West. I hope you listen and feel that peace and gratitude."

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