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Janey "Fallen for Brazil"


Janey Clewer has composed a beautiful collection of neo-Brazilian styled songs that will thrill your senses and stir your soul. There is one cover of “This Masquerade” an all-time personal favorite of Janey’s. She caresses each song with effortless, seductive vocals that exude an intimacy that is undeniably Janey. 
Every track is drenched with timeless string arrangements and the incomparable John Patitucci on bass. Also featured is the vocal magic of Marc Jordan on the duet “ Make Her Mine” and Michael Sembello sings haunting Portuguese background vocals on “The Summer Wind”. 
The CD also features the awesome acoustic guitar work of her husband, Bruce Gaitsch, flutes by Dave Boruff, vibes by Alex Poston and trumpet by Nick Newman. The timeless string arrangements of Boh Cooper and Janey brush each song with beautiful strokes of color. 
The string players are Nashville’s finest led by David Davidson, concertmaster of Orchestra Nashville. Josh Abbey, producer and engineer for Russell Watson, mixed Janey’s CD in NYC, NY. Open your finest Malbec, sit back and let your ears take you on a passionate musical journey to Brazil and beyond. 
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"Heat" Live at the Maple room.


Heat is a 2 disc set recorded at The Maple Room (owned by Taylor Mesple & his wife Rebecca) featuring over 140 minutes of music from some of the world's finest artists. 
All net proceeds from HEAT benefit charities helping families in New England heat their homes and stay warm this winter. HEAT includes exclusive live performances by: Bill Frisell, Peter Mayer, John Hammond, Pierre Bensusan, Jeffrey Foucault, Pierce Pettis, Meg Hutchinson and many more! 

Max Meazza "Highway 101"


Now available at Itune and cdbaby some classic songs by Italian singer Max Meazza like "Highway 101", "Gas Station","Angel of the Night"... 
Guest musicians: Paolo Fresu (trumpet), Walter Calloni (ex PFM) (drums) Amedeo Bianchi (sax),Claudio Bazzari (guitar),Augusto Mancinelli (guitar), Tiziana Ghiglioni (vocals),Attilio Zanchi (Double Bass),Tiziano Tononi (drums), Flying Foxes,Stefano Pulga (Keyboards),Isabella Pinucci (vocals),Edo Martin (keyboards),Claudio Pascoli (sax),Massimo Spinosa (bass). 

Two tracks were never realesed: "Too Late For My Heart" and "Strong Arms and Roads". After "Summer of 71" and the superb "West Coast Hotel" this is another great opportunity to listen to this great singer/songwriter.

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Michael Tomlinson's new cd "The Way Out West"


Michael Tomlinson has been well known since the late 80s for his jazz-inflected vocals and strong, poetic lyrics. The Way Out West is a long awaited return to a full band format. Michael has released several solo acoustic discs over the last fifteen years but this is his first full production in over a decade. Two years in the making, it's a rich mixture of rhythmic, melodic songs, ranging from rock and pop influenced to folk and country. In fact, those influences permeate almost all of Michael's music until finally, it simply becomes his own genre: Michael Tomlinson Music. 

Here's the words he says about it: "When I was first beginning this new recording I could not help but recall my very first album, Run This Way Forever. That record did some unexpectedly wonderful things in the world and in my life. I expect that if I live to be an old man I will still be hearing from people about what those songs meant to them and how something in the music made them feel less lonely. 
In thinking back on those songs and that time, I brought it all home to now, to this moment creating another new cycle of songs, and I simply asked that the work feel benevolent to those who listen. You start out in life thinking you will perhaps achieve brilliant things. If you live long enough, you just want to do things that might bring a bit of peace and gratitude. That is what I believe has happened with the songs on The Way Out West. I hope you listen and feel that peace and gratitude."

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Randy Houser "Anything goes"


One listen to Randy's soulful singing is enough to convince you that you are listening to a star. His deeply felt lyrics are proof, that Randy Houser has not only lived the life of a true "Paycheck Man", but is major songwriting talent. His open-hearted, charismatic personality shines through in his debut album. 

Whether getting his "Boots On" to party Country style or plunging into sadness, Randy Houser has what all great country artists have- believability. Thanks to his riveting vocal prowess, Randy is receiving great responses from both fans and radio programmers with his first single, the strikingly emotional ballad "Anything Goes". As illustrated in his breakthrough single, Randy Houser is a breathtaking vocalist with fire and conviction at his core. 

Both the songs he has written and the songs he has chosen from other talented Nashville writers for this album are superb showcases for the vocal side of his talent. In addition to "Anything Goes," they include the sensual "Strange" and the ultra-cool, groove-saturated "How Many Times," the latter featuring harmony vocals by superstar Vince Gill.

Daryl Braithwaite "The Lemon Tree"


2008 release, the latest installment in Liberation's excellent Blue Acoustic series. On Lemon Tree, Australian legend Daryl Braithwaite revisits his Sherbet and solo hits on this acoustic album. Features 'Rise', 'The Horses', 'As The Days Go By', 'Howzat', 'One Summer' and many more. These old classics have never sounded so exciting and so fresh. The Lemon Tree will be one of the most successful of the range, which now numbers 40 odd titles, and has been a landmark exercise in reinvigorating the careers of dozens of Australian artists.

Interview with Richard Page at InsideMusicast on january 5th!


Rick and Eddy at InsideMusicast are honored to announce that on January 5th, they will give you all a wonderful gift...a rare and long awaited interview with Richard Page. Richard has been one of their most requested artists to interview for years...and finally, Rick and Eddy sit down and chat with a man who's musical creativity remains relevant today