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Indigo's debut album "Reach out"


INDIGO plays west coast rock that often reminds people of Toto or Giant.
The band has been playing together since the year 2005 and released their debut album ”Reach Out” in 2009 on Feedback Records

Indigo Story: In the autumn of 2004 Michael Olofsson and Josef Brengesjö attended to the same school where they became very good friends and shared the same interest and passion for music. In the spring of 2005 the duo started to write songs together, mostly soft singer songwriter with an acoustic guitar and a bass. After a while they decided that the music was made for a "real band". Rasmus Ryefalk (drums), Marcus Severinsson (Keaboards) and Fredric Thomsen (Guitar) joined them to complete the band. Rasmus had known Joseph for years and had palyed with Michael in a TOTO tribute band.

The debut album from Indigo is something special. With musical-roots from the Westcoast (AOR) genre, this band performs great live and in the studio. With a great sound, catchy melodies, cool harmonies and excellent guitar performance, this young band has the future at their feet.

"Great melodies, excellent vocals and guitar solos with some TOTO inspiration, "Reach out" from Indigo is a must have for AOR/Melodick rock fans."


Wonderful CD and a impressing Live Act!
The band are prepping to go on tour in Europe so lookout for the upcoming tour schedule at

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