GEYSTER "No Kiddin'"
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Jay Graydon with Sherwood Ball "Crank Sinatra"


Jay Graydon is now releasing a NEW recording with Sherwood Ball titled - CRANK SINATRA. This is a modern arrangement of a Frank Sinatra song with all the brass, sax and horn parts played by Jay Graydon on guitars, and the amazing Sherwood Ball on lead vocals.

Jay's own words about his recording experiment: "Crank Sinatra - The Concept So around the middle of 2008, I happened to watch a Frank Sinatra TV special filmed in the mid 1960's. The opening song is Day In - Day Out. As always, Frank sang great and the Nelson Riddle arrangement was perfect for the era! What a great team they were! I dug the musicality so much I watched over and over and then began thinking what it would sound like to play the horn parts on guitar playing one part at a time as an experiment. With that in mind, I decided to take on the task of being a one-man band. The experiment turned out to be much fun and the result is a sound of guitars I had not heard before."

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