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Chris Laterzo & Buffalo Robe "Jupiter & Pinon"

Dennis Kolen "Hard road/Muddy track"


One of the best and most productive singer-songwriters from Holland has just released his new album. In the last five years Dennis Kolen put a new record on the market every single year, among which his two solo albums: the highly acclaimed “The Jinx” (2005), recommended by Dutch pop guru Leo Blokhuis, and the beautiful “Wild Oats” (2007). Now, a year later, he brings us “Hard Road/Muddy Track”.

Three years later Wyatt signed with major label Warner, who released the record “The Last Of Great Fireworks” (2004). After the creation of the third album “Miracle” (2006) the band fell apart and Dennis decided to continue as a solo artist.

“Hard Road/Muddy Track”, is an album that, as the title suggests, has its roots in Americana. Influences like Paul Simon, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Bob Dylan & The Band, and The Rolling Stones during the period of “Exile” are clearly recognizable. Still, the new album remains a pop album with melodies that are authentic to Dennis, and which remind one of The Beach Boys and Crosby, Stills & Nash.

"The title of this album stands for the long road that every musician has to travel to discover his creative identity, and with that, also his audience," says Dennis. "My goal is to make records I really believe in. Because of the theatre tour, I found out how intimate a performance can be, and what kind of effect my songs have on people. The positive reactions of the audience are overwhelming."

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at Hemifran


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