Sunstorm's new release featuring Joe Lynn Turner
Joe Moe "Mainland"


Hello, girl!!
I`ve known your father for over 30 years- through his music. I myself is a musician and I`ve got a daughter. She`s into music all the way. Anyway, it`s a pleasure listen to yuor voice. I live in Norway, and we`ve got a singer/songwriter called Venke Knutson. You`ve got a simular voice as Venke, chech her out. I don`t know if you write your own music, and I hope I don`t offend you when I say that the song I`ve heard you sing didn`t pay tribute to your voice. It`s a bit boring, elegant produced, of course, but if you change some on the chorus, a bit bluesy or gospel-like with tonal frasing more like improvising from the middle of the song and onto the end it would be much better. Anyway, pleasure listning to you. Say hallo to your dad.

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