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Frontiers Records is delighted to announce the European release of THE LOU GRAMM BAND Self Titled album on June 5th 2009! 

Powerhouse vocalist and songwriter Lou Gramm can be heard each and every day, all over the world, on radio, ipods, CD players, television commercials, music videos, and of course... jukeboxes. Gramm – the former lead vocalist and co-writer of the multi-platinum band Foreigner - has become the voice of a generation. Among the most distinctive and powerful voices to emerge from Rock and Top 40 radio, Lou Gramm is also a successful solo artist in his own right and remains one of the most recognizable performers in music today. Lou Gramm, the vocalist on 20 Top 40 singles, which continue to drive sales of nearly 80 million albums worldwide, exploded onto the international music scene with Foreigner on the chart topper, "Feels Like The First Time" in 1977. The stats are impressive: eight Top 5 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and five Top 5 Albums on the Billboard Album chart in the U.S. alone plus a solid history of chart entries in several European territories and Japan ! 

Lou Gramm is in a class by himself. Now, nearly three decades after the debut of Foreigner and chart-topping success as a solo artist, Lou Gramm returns with The Lou Gramm Band, a powerful new CD featuring his own unique brand of Rock'n Roll. 
“The feeling is wonderful and liberating, to be able to once again record an album of songs that I really care about, with my brothers and my friends making up the band” says Lou. The Band is formed by Gramm’s brothers Ben and Richard on drums and bass respectively with Andy Knoll on keyboards and Don Mancuso on guitars. 
“I've always tried to be down to earth lyrically and write songs through experience and with emotion” continues Lou, “Musically, I am really fortunate enough to have creative and expressive musicians around me. When I hear a guitar or keyboard riff from my brother Richard, Don or Andy, a story begins to form lyrically and melodically and the band and I work these ideas. Sometimes very painstakingly, until we have the bare bones of something that we can be proud of ”

Whether they are rocking out on classics like "Hot Blooded" or "Jukebox Hero", rolling out a new extended groove on Gramm's massive solo hit, "Midnight Blue," or bringing to life "So Great" and "Baptized By Fire" from their new self titled CD, Lou and his band have been pleasing enthusiastic audiences with a show that captures the essence of Gramm's talent “We would love to tour Europe and the rest of the world playing both new songs and select songs from my thirty year career” concludes Lou, who in the meanwhile gives an appointment to his European fans on June 5th in all the finest record shops for the release of the LOU GRAMM BAND album !


The long awaited return of one of Rock's greatest voices is finally over. Lou Gramm the legendary singer who's career of hit songs span over thirty years has just released his newest CD titled `The Lou Gramm Band'. It's a different departure for Lou because it's his first step into the world of Christian Rock. If this CD is any indication of which way he should move then this was a step in the right direction. The music stays true to Lou's heart and his messages inside stay true to his soul. Fans that have followed his career will be very pleased with this CD and he's sure to make new ones in the Christian community. The band consists of some of the best musicians out there today including Don Mancuso on Guitar, Andy Knoll On Keyboards, Ben Gramm on Drums, Richard Gramm on Bass and the legend himself Lou Gramm on vocals.
"Made To Be Broken" is a hard rocking song driven by amazing guitar riffs, wonderful keyboard play and excellent melodies. It's a story about someone fighting with the inner struggles of everyday life. It tells the tale of that person asking for guidance to get them to the right path.
"Reedemer" is a Blues song with a lot of keyboards in it. There's a nice guitar solo both electric and acoustic halfway through this song. It tells a story about someone that is giving advice based on their own circumstances. Once you hear the song you'll find yourself singing the title over and over again because the hook is so mesmerizing.
"Willing To Forgive" is a song that begins with amazing acoustic guitar work to wake up your senses. Then Lou's legendary voice kicks in and away you go. The chorus is amazing and you'll be singing right along with Lou and the guys. The music makes you think of sunny days sitting by the lake and just enjoying life. It tells the tale of someone who has made mistakes and is thankful for forgiveness.
"Baptised By Fire" is a hard rocking song showcasing Lou's amazing vocal styling that should be cranked all the way up. It's a song that can and should be played on today's radio. The guitar riffs, pounding drums, keyboard play and overall energy grabs a hold of you and won't let go.
"So Great" is another energetic song that once again showcases Lou's hard rocking voice. The music features more amazing guitar work done masterfully by Don Mancuso. The chorus is catchy as well as hypnotic. It also features the Heavenly voices of Lou's children reciting a prayer. The title says it all.
"Single Vision" is a true example of why Lou has made so many hits using his God given talents. His voice brings a smile to your face while you're listening to the chorus and wonderful lyrics of this song. The song sends a message to everyone that we need to become one with our brothers and our sisters. It also asks the question when did we stop giving thanks back to our creator.
"You Saved Me" is easily the most romantic and enchanting song on this CD. Lou's voice echo's throughout each line giving you a little taste into his soul. His voice has never been stronger and the message he is sending is crystal clear. The music is again well done and adds a beautiful element to this gem. Thank you for this song.

By John J. Ruppert 6-9-2009

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