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Philippe Saisse's new album "At world's edge"

TOJ "People Like Us"


"Tears of Joy" are a stranger in town. To ignore them would be foolish, to confront them even sillier. With a band this good the only sensible action is to make friends, an effortless act considering the quality on offer throughout this, their debut album.

The first track, appropriately entitled "Open Up", will instantly subdue any fears that you've been conned by yet another 'me too' affair. This is pop as it should be, catchy ,smooth and original. "Honey" and "Children Of The Night" are as much at home on the dance floor as they are on your hoity toity stereo system. The emotional maturity of "Warrior", "Lovesongs" and "Teardrops" is seldom heard these days. This is a band who grew in the sunny part of the rockery.

If you're expecting comparisons with more established acts for ease of analysis, forget it. I, like others before me, have tried and failed. If you doubt these words, and I don't blame you if you do, listen for yourself and prepare to fall in love with music all over again.

"People like us" is available at 5000records and (very soon) on Itune!


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