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Contante & Sonante 's new release “Fly Away - the Songs of David Foster”, is now available for the japanese market including some changes in the tracklist.

Fly Away / The Songs of David Foster is produced and arranged by Tomi Malm and the concept has been to bring new life to some of the brighter gems in David Foster´s immense catalogue. Featuring a spectacular cast of vocalists, including Bill Champlin, Jeff Pescetto, Cecily Gardner, Robbie Dupree, Bill LaBounty, Joe Pizzulo, Ole Borud, Bill Cantos, Arnold McCuller, Frank Adahl, Lisa Lovbrand, and the unforgettable Warren Wiebe, backed-up by an elite group of studio musicians, including David Foster himself, Jay Graydon, John Robinson, Michael Landau, Paul Jackson Jr, Nathan East, Abe Laboriel, Neil Stubenhaus, Dan Warner, Jeremy Lubbock, Tollak Ollestad, Ramon Stagnaro, Brandon Fields and many others, this is a once-in-a-lifetime record that will not fail to live up to the expectations of the most demanding Foster fans.

In advance of the release of the full-length album, Contante & Sonante released a limited edition 3-song EP previewing two of the album's songs, "In The Stone" and "No Explanation", plus a BONUS TRACK,"After All", performed by the soulful Leslie Smith, which is available only on this EP release.

CD track listing:
1. Prelude (Tomi Malm --feat. D. Foster)
2. In The Stone (Bill Champlin)
3. No Explanation (Bill LaBounty)
4. Jojo (Arnold McCuller)
5. The Colour Of My Love (Frank Adahl)
6. Heart To Heart (Jeff Pescetto)
7. Fly Away (Robbie Dupree)
8. Look What You've Done To Me (Cecily Gardner --feat D. Foster)
9. Through The Fire (Ole Borud)
10. The Best Of Me (Lisa Lovbrand)
11. Nothin' You Can Do About It (Frank Adahl)
12. Whatever We Imagine (Bill Cantos)
13. When Will The World Be Like Lovers (J. Pescetto, R. Dupree, B. Cantos, A. McCuller, J. Pizzulo and F. Adahl)
14. Live Each Day (Warren Wiebe)

The Japanese version (out on May 20th by JVC/Victor) includes different tracks than the EU release. Adahl's "Colour of My Love" is replaced by Courtney Blooding's version, feat. Robbie Buchanan and Ole Borud's version on "Through The Fire" is done by Joe Pizzulo. Additionally there'll be a bonus track, "For Just a Moment -theme from St. Elmo's Fire" sung by Danish Bjarne Langhoff. You can order it at

More infos and audio samples at zinkmusic & Contante & Sonante

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