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Dan Fogelberg's "Love In Time" Release Date Set For August 13, 2009


In 2003, while compiling material for a CD of live recordings, Dan Fogelberg came across some rough demos he had recorded earlier in his career. He felt inspired to finish them and worked on the songs until May of 2004 when he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. We decided we would get treatment in Boston, as we were in the process of building a home in Maine and felt that it would be healthier to be there where Dan could sail and ski, and the new house would be an engrossing, therapeutic project to work on. Dan began receiving the standard course of treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital and we became immersed in all the minute decisions of home building, with trips to Boston every other month for tests and shots. 

In January and February of 2005 Dan returned to Colorado to resume working in the studio while I stayed in Maine to oversee the final construction phase. While there he recorded three new songs, one of which was "Sometimes A Song", a valentine for me that would later be released as a download on Valentine's Day 2008 to benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation. In April of 2006 we returned to Colorado together. The ranch was for sale and and we needed to start sorting and organizing things. It was the most beautiful time of the year, warm and lush and everything in bloom. Dan completed, sequenced, and wrote the liner notes for the CD he titled “Love in Time”. He put it in our safe deposit box in Maine and asked me to release it after he was gone. 

We never gave up hope that we would somehow beat this disease: we knew every cancer is different and every person is different, but we also knew the odds were against us. Dan was the strongest, bravest person I've ever known and I believed (as did our friends and family) that if anyone would be able to conquer this cancer, it would be him. He fought for every day with incredible determination and grace, and lived every minute to the fullest, sailing right up until two months before he died. Dan left us on December 16, 2007 but his music continues - a living legacy to one of the most versatile and talented musicians, singers, and songwriters of his generation.

Jean Fogelberg


For myself, stories of Dan will never tire. As his music is, stories about him are magic to me. God definitely had a plan when he brought the two of you together. Thank you for the little ways you allow us to peek inside your beautiful love story.
I am so looking forward to the release in August.

The group of songwriters who actually wrote from the heart is getting smaller. When Dan passed away it was to me a huge loss and a loss to the world of true music. His music was a big part of my life along with all the other gifted singer/songwriters of the 70's. I am looking forward to his last CD and writing the word last is so heartbreaking.

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