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Bill LaBounty's new album "Back to your Star": The story behind the songs!


Bill LaBounty released "Back To Your Star", his long awaited new album, 18 years after the amazing "The Right Directions". "Back To Your Star" features some of his favorite Nashville studio players such as Danny Parks & David Hungate, and Bill's favorite Los Angeles artists and players - Larry Carlton and Robbie DuPree. The album will be available all over the world. Japanese will have the advanced edition with the acoustic version of himself and Larry Carlton performing "Livin' It Up" only for Japan. 

1/ Back To Your Star 
2/ California Turnaround 
3/ Dianne 
4/ Stay High 
5/ Old Habits 
6/ Fumes 
7/ Cinderella 
8/ HWY85 
9/ Golden Now 
10/ The Wheels Are Coming Off
11/ Fly Away
12/ River Girl 

Bass: David Hungate, Michael Rhodes 
Guitars: Danny Parks. Larry Carlton, Steve Wariner 
Drums: Brian Fullen, Tommy Wells Acoustic 
Piano: Gordon Mote 
Sax: Sam Levine Blues Harp, 
Harmonica: Robbie Dupree 
Background Vocals: Robbie Dupree, Suzanne Young, Thom Flora, Steve Wariner

"Back To Your Star" is not just a new Bill LaBounty record but probably his best effort to date. The vocals, the music, the songwriting, the arrangements... Everything's perfect from beginning to end.

Bill had the kindness to tell in a few words the story about each song of "Back To Your Star":


A japanese edition for "Fly Away - The songs of David Foster"


Contante & Sonante 's new release “Fly Away - the Songs of David Foster”, is now available for the japanese market including some changes in the tracklist.

Fly Away / The Songs of David Foster is produced and arranged by Tomi Malm and the concept has been to bring new life to some of the brighter gems in David Foster´s immense catalogue. Featuring a spectacular cast of vocalists, including Bill Champlin, Jeff Pescetto, Cecily Gardner, Robbie Dupree, Bill LaBounty, Joe Pizzulo, Ole Borud, Bill Cantos, Arnold McCuller, Frank Adahl, Lisa Lovbrand, and the unforgettable Warren Wiebe, backed-up by an elite group of studio musicians, including David Foster himself, Jay Graydon, John Robinson, Michael Landau, Paul Jackson Jr, Nathan East, Abe Laboriel, Neil Stubenhaus, Dan Warner, Jeremy Lubbock, Tollak Ollestad, Ramon Stagnaro, Brandon Fields and many others, this is a once-in-a-lifetime record that will not fail to live up to the expectations of the most demanding Foster fans.

In advance of the release of the full-length album, Contante & Sonante released a limited edition 3-song EP previewing two of the album's songs, "In The Stone" and "No Explanation", plus a BONUS TRACK,"After All", performed by the soulful Leslie Smith, which is available only on this EP release.

CD track listing:
1. Prelude (Tomi Malm --feat. D. Foster)
2. In The Stone (Bill Champlin)
3. No Explanation (Bill LaBounty)
4. Jojo (Arnold McCuller)
5. The Colour Of My Love (Frank Adahl)
6. Heart To Heart (Jeff Pescetto)
7. Fly Away (Robbie Dupree)
8. Look What You've Done To Me (Cecily Gardner --feat D. Foster)
9. Through The Fire (Ole Borud)
10. The Best Of Me (Lisa Lovbrand)
11. Nothin' You Can Do About It (Frank Adahl)
12. Whatever We Imagine (Bill Cantos)
13. When Will The World Be Like Lovers (J. Pescetto, R. Dupree, B. Cantos, A. McCuller, J. Pizzulo and F. Adahl)
14. Live Each Day (Warren Wiebe)

The Japanese version (out on May 20th by JVC/Victor) includes different tracks than the EU release. Adahl's "Colour of My Love" is replaced by Courtney Blooding's version, feat. Robbie Buchanan and Ole Borud's version on "Through The Fire" is done by Joe Pizzulo. Additionally there'll be a bonus track, "For Just a Moment -theme from St. Elmo's Fire" sung by Danish Bjarne Langhoff. You can order it at

More infos and audio samples at zinkmusic & Contante & Sonante

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Kenny Loggins in Concert in Paris at Théâtre Marigny on June 21st, 2009!


WWL (What We Like production) is pleased to announce the venue of Kenny Loggins (the author of big hits such as "Footloose", "Danger Zone", "What a Fool Believes" and founding member of Loggins & Messina) for the first time in Paris for an exceptionnal show, on June 21st, 2009. Don't miss it!! 

Get Tickets here: Ticket Net, Fnac, Théâtre Marigny.

Dan Fogelberg's "Love In Time" Release Date Set For August 13, 2009


In 2003, while compiling material for a CD of live recordings, Dan Fogelberg came across some rough demos he had recorded earlier in his career. He felt inspired to finish them and worked on the songs until May of 2004 when he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. We decided we would get treatment in Boston, as we were in the process of building a home in Maine and felt that it would be healthier to be there where Dan could sail and ski, and the new house would be an engrossing, therapeutic project to work on. Dan began receiving the standard course of treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital and we became immersed in all the minute decisions of home building, with trips to Boston every other month for tests and shots. 

In January and February of 2005 Dan returned to Colorado to resume working in the studio while I stayed in Maine to oversee the final construction phase. While there he recorded three new songs, one of which was "Sometimes A Song", a valentine for me that would later be released as a download on Valentine's Day 2008 to benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation. In April of 2006 we returned to Colorado together. The ranch was for sale and and we needed to start sorting and organizing things. It was the most beautiful time of the year, warm and lush and everything in bloom. Dan completed, sequenced, and wrote the liner notes for the CD he titled “Love in Time”. He put it in our safe deposit box in Maine and asked me to release it after he was gone. 

We never gave up hope that we would somehow beat this disease: we knew every cancer is different and every person is different, but we also knew the odds were against us. Dan was the strongest, bravest person I've ever known and I believed (as did our friends and family) that if anyone would be able to conquer this cancer, it would be him. He fought for every day with incredible determination and grace, and lived every minute to the fullest, sailing right up until two months before he died. Dan left us on December 16, 2007 but his music continues - a living legacy to one of the most versatile and talented musicians, singers, and songwriters of his generation.

Jean Fogelberg

Discover the music of french musician and singer Jérôme Nigou!


Born in France, Jerome Nigou discovered and fell in love with West Coast Music when he was 17 through band such as Toto, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross, Bill LaBounty… From that moment he knew he wanted to sing that kind of music! 

From 1994, he satrted singing in a series of bands, covering songs of his heroes including Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross, Toto, Bill LaBounty, David Pack, The Doobie Brothers, Earth Wind & Fire, James Ingram, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Jamiroquai, Al Jarreau and Donny Hathaway. Jerome released his first West Coast Music oriented album in 2007 which features a cover of Toto hit "OUT OF LOVE". Bobby Kimball listened to the song and send an email to Jerome, saying “That is a truly gifted performance of "Out of Love".

The Music from FabBox


Fab Box have just released their first album available both on line and CD versions. 
"Music from the Fab Box" features 12 songs written by Fabrizio and Massimo including "Together" (previously released on "Vertigo 2" album featuring Joseph Williams) and "Always" (previously released on Danny Vaughn's "From the inside" acclaimed album). 

"Music from the Fab Box" features the talent od Elyan Fernova on drums, Fabrizio "V.zee" Grossi on bass, Paolo Pedretti, Andrea Leonardi and Paolo Gennari on guitars, among others. CD version includes the bonus track "Eres mi vida" featuring Francis Benitez on vocals. 

Massimo and Fabrizio share a ten years long partnership as musicians and songwriters. Together and individually, they wrote songs for several artists including Mina, Audio 2, Joseph Williams, Danny Vaughn and others. Massimo started his musical career with a solo album back in 1989 titled "Il tempo non si ferma più", followed by "Eroi" in 1993. 
His credits as arranger and musiciand include tours with Lucio Dalla, Stadio and Biagio Antonacci. Fabrizio was the formerly singer and co-founder of the hard rock bands Revenge and Brando. 
He also worked as comic book artist for Marvel comics and storyboard artist for music video ("Freak the mighty" - Sting)