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The Music from FabBox


Fab Box have just released their first album available both on line and CD versions. 
"Music from the Fab Box" features 12 songs written by Fabrizio and Massimo including "Together" (previously released on "Vertigo 2" album featuring Joseph Williams) and "Always" (previously released on Danny Vaughn's "From the inside" acclaimed album). 

"Music from the Fab Box" features the talent od Elyan Fernova on drums, Fabrizio "V.zee" Grossi on bass, Paolo Pedretti, Andrea Leonardi and Paolo Gennari on guitars, among others. CD version includes the bonus track "Eres mi vida" featuring Francis Benitez on vocals. 

Massimo and Fabrizio share a ten years long partnership as musicians and songwriters. Together and individually, they wrote songs for several artists including Mina, Audio 2, Joseph Williams, Danny Vaughn and others. Massimo started his musical career with a solo album back in 1989 titled "Il tempo non si ferma più", followed by "Eroi" in 1993. 
His credits as arranger and musiciand include tours with Lucio Dalla, Stadio and Biagio Antonacci. Fabrizio was the formerly singer and co-founder of the hard rock bands Revenge and Brando. 
He also worked as comic book artist for Marvel comics and storyboard artist for music video ("Freak the mighty" - Sting)


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