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Bill Champlin No Place Left To Fall Available August 4 for the US market.

Discover the music by Joshua Singleton...


Born and raised around Jackson, Tennessee, Joshua Singleton comes from a musical family that includes a grandfather who hung out with Elvis, a mother who is a long time singer/songwriter and a brother who has two number one country hits under his belt. He's been musically inspired since he could walk the delta blues from Memphis, rockabilly from Jackson, and country from Nashville.

He cut his teeth in the clubs on Beale Street in Memphis and Broadway in Nashville, and went on to tour most of the U.S., France, and Sweden. In 2004, after two years of living in France, Joshua returned to the U.S. and took a serious step into songwriting, and today he is becoming a welcome new roots rock sound in the U.S.

In life, Joshua is pure politeness with a hint of mischief, a southern gentleman with a strong set of values that his father, a preacher, gave him. The stage is his confessional and his audience his confessor, where he confronts love and whiskey, hurts and triumphs with raw power and a spellbinding voice.

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