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I must say I feel like a damn Fool. I never heard about Ilse Delange before Bruce Gaitsch told me about this talented Dutch artist he produced for an album called "Clean Up".

After listening to several songs samples at Amazon, I just fell in love with her voice and her music!!
I'd like to share my enthousiasm with you, so here's a short view of Ilse's carreer:

Ilse DeLange was born in Almelo, Netherlands. She started her career at the age of 8 as a lip-synching artist, which won her several contests. DeLange drew greater attention after switching to a live repertoire in both regional and national talent shows in Hilversum (the Dutch city where most TV-programs are recorded). This helped her book some live-performances on national television. She formed a duo with guitarist Joop Liefland, who introduced her to country music. In 1994 Ilse performed at the Dutch Country Music Awards. She did get in touch with representatives of Warner Music but it took several years of negotiation before Warner Music decided to offer Ilse a contract. In 1996 DeLange joined the popgroup Wij where the group released the single "De Oorlog Meegemaakt" ("Experienced The War").

In 1998 she traveled to Nashville, U.S. to record her debut album "World Of Hurt" with top producer Barry Beckett. She became well-known in the Netherlands because her album was recorded in the capital of country music. Her album received big success in her home country. In Holland, Ilse received a TMF Award and an Edison Award for her musical success in 1999. "World of Hurt" features guest vocals from Vince Gill, and Ilse's cover of Beth Nielsen Chapman's song "World of Hurt", and Patty Larkin's song "Lonely Too".

In 1999 Ilse released a live album called: "Dear John", a limited edition release, on which Ilse covered songs by singer/songwriter John Hiatt as a tribute. The album went platinum in the Netherland

2000 saw the release of "Livin' on Love", which was a musical departure from her debut, leaning more toward pop/rock. "Livin' on Love" still went platinum though. With this album, Ilse gained even more State-side interest (although not released in the States) due to her covers of 2 songs by popular American singer/songwriters Buddy and Julie Miller (I Still Cry and Ride the Wind to Me), and other songs written by Patty Larkin, Jude Cole and Wayne Kirkpatrick. Alison Krauss also provided guest vocals.

In 2003, Ilse DeLange and her partner Bart Vergoossen went to America for 9 months to work on her third studio album "Clean Up" produced by Bruce Gaitsch. This album continued with the pop/rock sound she experimented with on "Livin' on Love". Her songwriting on "Clean Up" was autobiographical. Ilse was satisfied with the results and the album became a big success. During this time DeLange donated a contribution to the charity foundation War Child. Together with Trijntje Oosterhuis and Jacqueline Govaert she performed "Because" during a "Friends of Warchild" concert. In October Ilse released a compilation album called: "Here I Am - 1998/2003". The album went Platinum and contained DeLange's best work in a single release.

In 2006, Ilse began working with top producer Patrick Leonard (Madonna, Peter Cetera, 3rd Matinee) on a new album called "The Great Escape". A week after its release, the album went Gold, and Platinum. A second single was released "The Lonely One" which peaked at #18. Her third single, "I Love You", was released in February 2007'. It peaked at #23. The song was included on the soundtrack for the Dutch movie adaptation of "Steel Magnolias" (based on the movie with Julia Roberts).

"Incredible", her new record was released this year!


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