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"Free Love" by Air Supply


The trademark sound of Russell Hitchcock's soaring tenor and Graham Russell's simple yet majestic songs created a unique sound foreven known as, Air Supply. From their initial 1975 meet at rehersal for Jesus Christ Superstar in Syndney an instant freindship formed leading to their own performances and a recording contract. Signed to Arista Records in 1980 "Lost In Love" became the fastest selling single in the world followed by "All Out of Love" which became even a bigger hit. Seven top ten singles later Air Supply, at that time, equaled the Beatles run of consecutive top five singles. The albums, "Lost In Love", "The One That Loves You", "Now and Forever", and "The Greatest Hits", sold in excess of 20 million copies. World wide touring and multi-million plays on the radio solidified Air Supply as a permanent force in modern music. Air Supply were trail blazers on the tour front being the first pop music group allowed to tour China and Taiwan. South America has also been covered as were countless other countries which led to "The Earth Is" selling over a million copies outside of the US alone. This project was followed by the CD "The Vanishing Race" and singles "Goodbye" and "It's Never Too late" with multi-platinum sucess. 

To the cheers of their millions of concert fans Air Supply recorded two new title (Free Love , The Singer & The Song) to be sold exclusively at their concerts. Based on a distribution deal with OddsOn Records for the first time both titles are available to fans outside of concert venues. Free Love was released to the general public on July 14, 2009 followed by The Singer & The Song which will be released Sept 15, 2009. Both titles were recorded in Graham Russell's Park City Utah studio and offer acoustic version of Air Supply's greatest hits and standards that have made them one of the all time duo's in history.

Zachary Richard, His first English language album in 15 years, 'Last Kiss'


Militant environmentalist and cultural activist, poet and singer-songwriter Zachary Richard’s roots are deeply planted in his native Louisiana. Inspired by the various styles of the region, his songs go beyond the limitations of any particular genre. Zachary’s style is uniquely his own.

Zachary received his first recording contract at the age of 21. He was the last artist to sign with Electra records before the creation of WEA. That album, 'High Time', was lost in the maelstrom surrounding the merger and was not released until 2000 when the original masters were found in a vault in New York City and made available on Rhino Handmade.

It was during his early days in New York that Zachary made a discovery that would influence his art and effect the rest of his life. With the advance money from the record company, he purchased a Cajun accordion. From that moment on, he was swept up by the French language culture of Louisiana. Delving into the Cajun tradition, Zachary formed the first new generation Cajun/Rock band. It would be years, however, before Cajun music became popular outside of rural Louisiana. In the meantime, Zachary career led him to Canada and France.

From 1976 until 1981, Zachary lived in Montreal, recording seven French language albums including two gold albums, 'Mardi Gras' and 'Migration'.

Despite critical and commercial success in the French-speaking world, Zachary returned to Louisiana in the early 1980s and began another phase of his career, this time recording in English. He recorded two albums for Rounder Records, 'Mardi Gras Mambo' and the perennial favorite 'Zack’s Bon Ton', before signing with A&M, and recording two albums at the label, 'Women In The Room, and 'Snake Bite Love. Non-stop touring and the strength of these recordings guaranteed Zachary an international following.

In 1994, after and extended absence from the French market, Zachary returned to Canada to play at the Acadian World Congress in New Brunswick. Passionately inspired by his heritage once again, Zachary began a new collection of French songs.The result was 'Cap Enragé'.This double platinum (Canada) album established Zachary Richard as one of the foremost singer-songwriters in the French-speaking world. Once again Zachary had broken the mold, weaving a musical tapestry rich in atmosphere, with masterfully crafted lyrics dealing with far ranging themes.

The celebrated Creole poet, Aimé Césaire, once said that to separate himself from one of his languages (French and Créole) would be like cutting off one of his hands. It is much the same for Zachary. Participating completely in two distinct cultures and creating in his two languages, Zachary’s artistic experience is unique. He is the most American of French songwriters, and the most French of the American.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt - Hemifran

Allan Thomas: Brooklyn Boy In Paradise - The Unreleased Collection


Allan Thomas says: This collection of recordings is composed of songs I wrote between 1980 and 1994. Most of the songs were written with co-writers. Some of the tracks were recorded in real working recording studios with actual producers, engineers, and vintage mic's and mic preamps, while others were laid down in my or my co-writers home studios with whatever recording device we happened to have. For one reason or another these tracks never found their way onto one of my four studio album releases, but having withstood the test of years gone by, my long time producer and friend Stephen Barncard and I felt it was time they saw the light of day. We tried to find the best versions with the least amount of generations and tinkering. Lucky for me Barncard has always been unceasingly adept at archiving mine and others recorded works. 

I have included anecdotes about how the songs came to be, as well as details about the recording sessions for those of you who might be interested. Speaking for myself regarding the recording of music, I am a much reluctant engineer of the new digital-age school, and only learned - in all my years of recording, from my first singing group demo when I was twelve, right up to 1992 or so - in the last 17 years. I was never that interested in what mic's, compressors, or pre amps the recording engineers used on my records. I didn't have a clue or even care what they used, as I really had enough to think about with leading the band, playing a solid guitar part, and performing a convincing vocal. I thought it best left up to the producer or engineer of the session to figure out what tool worked best for the job. But with the advent of affordable home digital recording rigs, and the price of buying studio time in commercial recording studios rising and becoming unaffordable, it became imperative for me to learn the medium. Instead of paying for studio time elsewhere why not invest what I could into my own rig. So that's the tack I took, and I'm glad of it. But when the shit hits the fan tech-wise, I go the the old-school recording engineers for advice and direction.

Beckley & Larson


The new album by Jeff Larson, Heart Of The Valley, will be released mid-September 2009 on Human Nature. The release will consist of 11 new songs produced (and largely written) by Gerry Beckley (America) with a couple GB / JL co-writes in the mix. Special guests include Dewey (Bunnell), Rusty Young, Rich Campbell, Jeff Foskett, among others. Further details on the release and pre-order info., will be made available soon.

Charley Cruz & The Lost Souls "The Last Warrior"


One time it's a slow and tear-jerking ballad about a long-lost love portrayed in melancholy tones... The other a rocking and electrifying uptempo country blues... Charley Cruz & The Lost Souls don't like musical parochialism. Ron Cruz (drums, vocals), DJ Ciggaar (bass, vocals), Jerry Brown (guitar, vocals) and Charley Cruz (vocals, guitar) travel the country-blues-pop-rock road equipped with a convincingly diverse musical outlook.

After the release of their album "Life On The Edge" in 2005 they have gigged almost everywhere in Holland. Successful as the supporting act of Dwight Yoakam, The Hacienda Brothers, The Drams, Chatham County Line, Patricia Vonne, Frank Carillo & The Bandoleros and many, many others.

Their new album "The Last Warrior" has just been released by Sonic Rendezvous.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt - Hemifran

Interview with Bruce Gaitsch

We're pleased to present you an exclusive interview with the very talented guitar player Bruce Gaitsch. Bruce talks about his relationship with musicians and friends he worked with, his last album "Sincerely", his common project "Bossa Nova Hotel" recorded with Janey Clewer & Michael Sembello, and more... 

The interview was shot on sunday 3rd of July, the day after Bruce's wife Janey was performing with George Benson for a Nat King Cole Tribute Concert at Palais des Congrès.


BRUCE GAITSCH: Sincerely JANEY: Fallen For Brazil 



Focus on "Chasing the wind" by Tom Hemby.


For veteran guitarist, award-winning producer and songwriter Tom Hemby, it seems that every year is a banner year. Tom is a Grammy Award® winner and four-time Dove Award® winner, including a Dove for “Instrumental Album of the Year.” He produced two albums for Bebe Winans, including the Grammy Award-nominated Dream, and he continues to demonstrate his world-class musicianship on his new instrumental album, Chasing The Wind

Tom got his start as an active touring musician for the likes of Amy Grant and The Imperials, and transitioned from the road to the studio, where his recording credits read like a “Who’s Who” of the music industry, including work with such household names as Kenny Loggins, Michael W. Smith, Michael McDonald, Vince Gill, Peter Cetera, Wynonna Judd, Amy Grant, Yolanda Adams, Garth Brooks, Point of Grace, Rob Thomas, Ricky Skaggs, Paul Overstreet, Brian McKnight and The Gaither Vocal Band


From the opening measures of Chasing the Wind, you know this is going to be a special listening experience, and not your typical acoustic guitar album. This twelve-track instrumental masterwork begins with the rhythmically intricate “Pull a Few Strings” and ends with the swampy romp, “Well Id’s Awright.” In between, Tom carries the listener on a fascinating journey through musical landscapes not typically associated with a “gentle” instrument like the acoustic guitar. 
But don’t get the idea that this is a frantic display of finger-burning pyrotechnics. Far from it. Tom’s virtuosity is most evident in the confident restraint of his masterful playing. From the energetic numbers “Highway 51” and “Filet of Soul,” to the gorgeous melodic masterpieces “Requiem for a Guitar Player” and “Mingo Rain,” Tom sets the gorgeous tone of his McPherson® acoustic guitars against irresistible rhythmic grooves and sonic atmospheres that make Chasing the Wind well worth repeated listenings. A masterpiece!

Jim Photoglo's new album "Is it me?"


A collection of 10 great new songs, featuring an eclectic assortment of the kinds of heartfelt tunes you've come to expect from Jim Photoglo. His music has been expressed in Pop, R&B and Country music through such diverse artists as Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, Dusty Springfield, The Everly Brothers, James Ingram, Kenny Rogers, The Dirt Band, Alabama, Run C&W and, of course, Photoglo himself. But, despite the wide stylistic range of his hits, Photoglo's music really represents only one artistic voice - his own. 

He combines a broad musical background with an equally broad range of emotions, and the result is a unique artistry that transcends stylistic boundaries and appeals to a universal audience. With guest appearances from industry stalwarts such as Jonell Mosser (harmony on Jesus Saves), Suzi Ragsdale (harmony on Here For You Now), David Hungate (Toto), Harry Stinson (Marty Stuart Band, the Vinyl Kings), George Marinelli, Jr. (Bonnie Raitt), Larry Lee and Vince Melamed (the Vinyl Kings) plus Mark T. Jordan (Dave Mason), Jim delivers a new record you're not gonna want to miss! So, don't. 

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