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Bill Champlin leaves Chicago

Regarding the article by Ed Payne at, Classic pop rock band Chicago and Grammy-Award-winning songwriter Bill Champlin have parted ways after nearly three decades together. 

"After 28 years with Chicago, singer-songwriter-keyboardist Bill Champlin is parting ways with the classic jazz/rock band to focus once again on his solo career," Champlin's publicist Judi Kerr said of the split. "This music is callin' me," said Champlin, whose new solo album "No Place Left to Fall" was released last week on the DreamMakers label. "I'm really looking forward to playing more intimate venues and hearing what fans think of the new music. I can't wait to spend some one-on-one time with my old and new fans!" Champlin has scheduled a string of concerts along the West Coast in November to promote the new album. 

Lou Pardini, a Grammy-nominated keyboardist who has played with Stevie Wonder and Santana, will replace Champlin, according to Chicago's management. 


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