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"Heart of the Valley", Jeff Larson's new album!


After the refreshing "Left of a Dream", Jeff Larson comes back with a new album "Heart of the Valley". This time, Jeff worked in collaboration with Gerry Beckley (America) to write 11 new songs which will please all lovers of breezy soft rock sound. There isn't a single weak track on the album. It's filled with awesome acoustic guitars, interesting lyrics, sweet vocals, lush harmonies and memorable melodies. Gerry already participated on several Jeff's album in the past but "Heart of the Valley" is more like a common project... like Jeff Larson meeting America. Gerry and Jeff share the lead vocals on "Sudden Soldier", one of my favorite song of the album where we feel the two musicians performing with the same level of music passion and feeling. 

"Heart of the Valley" special guests include Dewey Bunnell (the other half of America) Rich Campbell, Jeff Foskett and Rusty Young (Poco). A classic pop album in both style and substance.



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