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The Brilliant Mistakes, the New York City-based band lauded for “restlessy catchy hooks, a clever turn of phrase and frothy, piano-driven pop with heart, soul and smarts” (The Boston Globe) are back with 'Distant Drumming', their new album released on the band’s own Aunt Mimi’s Records. Produced by bassist Lincoln Schleifer (Levon Helm, Buddy Miller, Donald Fagen) the album was recorded at Lincoln’s Log Cabin in The Bronx, features guest musicians Mike Viola (The Candy Butchers, 'Walk Hard') and Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Ron Sexsmith) and was mastered by Fred Kevorkian (Ryan Adams, The White Stripes) in Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan.

Songwriter-bassist Erik Philbrook describes 'Distant Drumming' as an album that is about “learning how to evolve with soul, wit, grit and grace,” a testament to the band’s slow-burn strategy after ten years together, three albums and countless gigs across the country, often joined by a rotating cast of guitarists, string and horn players.

This time out the band sought to create a more organic album, delving deeper in the studio and experimenting with dynamics, arrangements, atmosphere and instrumentation, but without giving up their knack for melding artfully crafted lyrics onto memorable hooks. The result is a radiantly melodic album, brimming with classic songcraft, vintage pop sounds and lush harmonies by a band that has long flown beneath the radar of the mainstream but are kindred spirits with such contemporary Americana envelope-pushers as Wilco, My Morning Jacket and Spoon.

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