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Kenny Edwards "Resurrection Road"

Discover the music of Some Like It Odd...


The best surprise among end of 2008's releases" (Muziq Magazine)

Some Like It Odd is the meeting of talented and generous musicians whose pleasure is immediately felt in the music. Influenced by Earth Wind & Fire and Wayne Shorter as well Sting and Ravel... the band, led by Matthieu Dersy and Lady Gatica, offers an odd-meters jazz&pop music. 

"Pop Jazz conveys instant emotion while mixing several influences such as pure jazz, Soul and pop music. Lady Gatica's voice is strong and powerful with sensuality to it she is often compared to Sade" /"Just obvious elegance... 

Some Like It Odd is there to prove that a music exists that is Jazz, simple and efficient, without making up any complicated concept" ("Sun Ship") / "A brilliant instrumental quality that reveals beautiful compositions" (R.E.C.) / "Although Pop Jazz is Some Like It Odd's first album, the result is fully mature and impressive, these open minded talented artists are embodying the creative bridge between pop and jazz" (CanadaCDReview)

I recommand to see them in concert, you won't regret it.

They will play on november 7, 2009 at Baiser Salé (Paris) and november 12, 2009 at L’Entrepôt (Paris)


Arnaud, I know this post is rather late in response to your information, but let me just say that SLIO is one of the freshest bands that I have heard in a long time. Please let me know if there's anything we may do on Inside MusiCast to increase their awareness...we want spread the word about them. Alejandra and Matthieu have a great thing going and we'd like to help.
Keep up the good work, Arnaud. Peace.

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