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Here comes Rye Road...


With their unique take on “Country influenced Rock Music” Rye Road is quickly gaining their place in the Independent music industry as a band that is passionate about music and true to their origins. Once a childhood dream of its original members is now a reality to them and their adoring fans.

The band describes its sound and feel as “Wanted Dead or Alive” meets “Sweet Home Alabama” and resembles Texas’ Red Dirt Country if you had to fit them into any category. Rye Roads believes in crossing barriers and moving mountains i n the music industry.

With musical influences ranging from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Bon Jovi, Rye Road is determined to continue being successful and being true to their roots which has led to their rapid rise on the Florida Country and Pop music charts.

Original members Chuck Reedy and Daniel Barger had a vision earlier in their youth to be musicians and create and play music that is a reflection of their style and musical taste. They played a part in the founding of “One Night Rodeo”, a country band that won The Next GAC Star on the GAC Network. After a brief stint with the group, Chuck and Daniel decided that it was time for them to branch off on their on which ultimately led to the formation of Rye Road. Today the band is composed of Pete Tamburin; Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar and Acoustic Guitar, Anthony Cucorullo; Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo and Backing Vocals, Chuck Reedy; Bass and Backing Vocals,
Steve Ramsey; Keyboards, Lead and Backing Vocals and Daniel Barger; Drums and percussion. The musical connection between these five guys has been the force for their continued success.

March of 2008-2009 was a highly successful time for the group with them playing well over 200 shows, opening for over 20 national recording artists and the release of their first independent CD.

Check out their MySpace to enter their musical world...


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