Mark T. Williams's new lionel's Dad album "You Got That Movie"
Kansas conquer Billboard charts with new dvd "There's know place like home"

Run C&W reissues by BGO Records


Run C&W is a novelty country project, but it has nothing to do with the rap group its name comes from; instead, group members Crashen Burns, Wash Burns, Side Burns and Rug Burns transform vintage soul classics into bluegrass-style twang.

The Burns Brothers are of course fictional creations; the group is actually composed of ex-Eagle Bernie Leadon on banjo, ex-Amazing Rhythm Ace Russell Smith on lead vocals, and Nashville songwriting pros Vince Melamed and Jim Photoglo on various instruments The group debuted for MCA in 1993 with ‘Into The Twangy-First Century’, concentrating mostly on humorous rearrangements but also offering the occasional parody, original song and jokey lyrical aside. ‘Row vs. Wade’ followed in 1995, after which the group went their separate ways.

The two-cds set is available at BGO Records!



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