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Sonny Lemaire returns with Exile reunion and SML for 2010!

While the band Exile reunited for a serie of concerts and a new record in the process, Sonny Lemaire joined songwriters Mark Selby and Clay Mills to record their self-titled album under the name "SML".

They're are responsible for some 20 No. 1 songs for the likes of Diamond Rio and the Dixie Chicks and started writing together about three years ago and quickly noticed an unmistakable chemistry in the writing room. The result of that chemistry — Selby Mills LeMaire, showcases each writer's musical roots and their unique combined abilities with a pen. 

"I see it as a mix between a funky group like The Subdudes and Crosby Stills Nash & Young," said Selby, who also has a career as a rock and blues artist. "We have a definite approach to recording, and sonically, it's somewhere between that . . . I think there are a lot of people out there looking for great music that is fresh and new that has touchstones to a lot of their favorite music from the past. I think we've made that by a happy accident."


Discover the music of Shane Butler...

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Shane spent much of his youth shuttling between gigs and dead end jobs before setting up his own recording studio. The only constant in his life was music, an inspiring soundtrack that included artists ranging from U2, Peter Gabriel, Adam Ant and John Lennon. He released the pressures of his life in his song writing, at the same time developing his signature vocal style while fronting a number of local rock bands.

As the driving force of Irish group Joe Public, Shane Butler is widely acknowledged as one of the most distinctive vocalists and gifted songwriters in contemporary music. As Joe Public's primary composer, Butler has penned a string of singles released worldwide, including "Love's so bad", "Alive" and "Why Do You Love Me".

Shane's growing reputation as an exceptional songwriter has led to invitations to collaborate with an elite list of artists and producers, most notably Taylor Mesple, a producer and studio musician who has worked with stars like James Taylor and Keb' Mo'. Taylor co-produced Butler's first (and soon to be released) debut album as a solo artist entitled "1107", with co-producer Pete Nelson, who also played the electric guitars on the CD. The whole album was assembled and mixed in Taylor's studio near Portland Maine, USA. Shane and Taylor met over internet when Shane was looking for a producer to record his debut album. The pair had never even spoken over the phone or even met in person throughout the whole recording of his album, the only communication they ever had was by emailing each other back and fourth via Gmail with different files. They were never in a studio together, which is quite remarkable.

In 2007, the British song writing Academy recognized Butler's track "Headlong" as one of the year's top songs, an accolade which recognizes a songwriter in the early years of his or her career that is already making an impact. With his debut solo album "1107", Butler begins a new chapter in his remarkable musical journey, with the sun shining upon him and the wind at his back.

"1107" is produced by Pete Nelson and Taylor Mesple who recently released his new album "All the While".

 You can download these two album at OLD PORT RECORDS.


Giant's come back album "Promise Land"!

GIANT, the powerhouse Rock quartet, now formed by founding members David Huff and Mike Brignardello, together with Terry Brock and John Roth, will unleash their highly anticipated fourth album “Promise Land” on the international markets.

Formed by brothers Dann and David Huff, together with the experienced Jazz-Rock keyboardist Alan Pasqua and Nashville session bass player Mike Brignardello, Giant would soon become, with the release of their debut album “Last of The Runaways” (A&M Records, 1989), one of the most respected trademark bands of the Melodic Hard Rock scene. Following countless live performances, the band recorded the follow-up “Time to Burn” (Epic, 1991), an album still regarded as a main source of influence for many Melodic and Hard Rock bands nowadays. With the sudden change of musical climate and after another World tour without Pasqua, Giant disbanded, with their members becoming involved again in different projects.

Particularly Giant’s frontman and lead guitarist Dann Huff went on to become one of the most in-demand producers of our era, working in the Rock, Pop and Country Music with countless artists including Shania Twain, Megadeth, Faith Hill, Madonna and Bon Jovi.

In 2001, the Italian uprising Melodic Rock indie Frontiers Records, prompted Giant to release “III”, an album that would landmark the rise the new Melodic Rock scene, particularly in Europe. Unfortunately Dann’s busy schedule along with the other members’ commitments, made the reunion impossible to carry on as planned. However the vision of bringing back Giant as a living band unit, with a recording and touring line-up and with of course the possibility to offer the enormous legacy of the music produced was developed, until it became apparent that Dann Huff could not be a full part of this concept, even though he loved everything that Giant was.

Thus original members, drummer David Huff and bassist Mike Brignardello, started an endless research for the right musicians that could be part of a renewed Giant line-up. And in the end the choice fell on singer extraordinaire Terry Brock (Strangeways, Seventh Key) and John Roth (Winger) on guitars. In April 2009 the band started the writing and the recording sessions of the new album, with Dann Huff himself participating to the sessions, co-writing with the new line-up members the haunting ballad Our Love and the straight out rockers Double Trouble, Plenty of Love, Save Me. He offered songs from his catalogue, such as the album title-track, Through My Eyes (both co-written with Mark Spiro) and Two Worlds. He also later guested on lead guitars on Save Me and Believer, the latter being a song written by Erik Martensson and Robert Sall of new Melodic Rock sensations W.E.T. with Miqael Persson. “We have worked so hard and we are very happy and proud of this record, along with Dann”, says David Huff "and truly the production and band members songwriting and performances shine all over the album!"

KEEL returns with a brand new record "Streets of Rock & Roll"

KEEL – the band that gave you “The Right To Rock” – will unleash their brand new album “Streets Of Rock & Roll” ” on January 29th 2010 in Europe and February 9th in the USA on Frontiers Records. The new recording contains twelve new rock anthems in the tradition of KEEL’s classic “The Final Frontier,” “KEEL,” and “Lay Down The Law” albums: commercial Hard Rock featuring the twin-guitar attack of Marc Ferrari and Bryan Jay, drummer Dwain Miller and bassist Geno Arce’s rock solid groove, Ron Keel’s powerful vocals, and a collection of songs which the band feels is their best ever.

KEEL first exploded onto the scene when “The Right To Rock” their major label debut produced by Gene Simmons of KISS, became the fastest-selling debut album in A&M Records’ history. Frontiers Records will commemorate the 25th anniversary of this historic release with “The Right To Rock: 25th Anniversary Edition” simultaneously with “Streets Of Rock & Roll”. This newly remastered edition adds two bonus tracks: “Easier Said than Done (Remix)” and a newly recorded version of the immortal Metal anthem “The Right to Rock”

KEEL has sold over 2 million albums, garnering a reputation as one of the genre’s most entertaining live acts by touring with/opening for Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, and many more. They were unanimously hailed as 1985’s “Best New Band” in publications such as Circus, Metal Edge, and Hit Parader, and released three charting albums which spawned radio & MTV hits such as “Because The Night,” “Tears Of Fire,” “Somebody’s Waiting” and of course “The Right To Rock.” 

In 2009 KEEL returned stronger than ever with festival appearances across the U.S. at Rocklahoma, the M3 Festival, the South Texas Rock Festival, and the MidWest RockFest in addition to sold-out headline shows in Hollywood and Phoenix. The excitement and energy of these shows and the fans’ response fuelled the creative fires that spawned “Streets Of Rock & Roll” and led to the band’s union with Frontiers Records. The new album was produced by Pat Regan (KISS, Deep Purple, Warrant, and many others) and features guest background vocals by Jaime St. James (Black N Blue, Warrant) and Paul Shortino, who produced and recorded Ron’s lead vocal tracks.

KEEL is confident that Hard Rock fans everywhere are going to feel right at home on the “Streets Of Rock & Roll”, and plans are underway to promote this new release with shows around the world in the year to come.

The Harters "Family, Love, Harmony"

The Harters are a country music trio based in Arizona. Their upcoming debut album is being recorded with producer Keith Stegall (production credits include over 70 million albums sold, including artists such as Alan Jackson, Restless Heart and Zac Brown Band), who decided to make The Harters' debut album his next project. The album's first single, "Jenny", has been released for free via the band's website. The three siblings, two brothers and one sister, who comprise The Harters, were involved in various other musical endeavors before forming the band together. Michael had moved to Nashville to become a country songwriter/performer, recording one album for Broken Bow Records as J. Michael Harter. Scott went to school in San Diego where he played in a number of alternative rock bands. Leslie remained in Arizona where she decided at age 18 that she was going to pursue a career in music, learned to play guitar quickly and started writing songs.

Read more about this amazing new trio now!

Focus on Bekka Bramlett. Discover her new single "What's on my mind"!

On April 19, 1968, in Westwood California, Rebekka Ruth Lazone Bramlett (Bekka) was born to Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett.The Bramletts were a successful duo in the early 70’s, having gained fame by blending a unique combination of country, rock and roll, gospel, and R&B. They performed along with the musical geniuses of their era, and hit the top of the charts. Delaney and Bonnie go down in music history with vocal and writing credits of hits like “Only You Know and I Know”, “Superstar”, etc. It is little wonder that Bekka finds herself in the musical world she lives in today. 

Growing up in a home where the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Roger Miller, Tina Turner, The Rolling Stones and George Harrison might turn up at a moment’s notice, and stay as houseguests for days on end, was the norm for this young lady. Bekka was only four when she sang on her first record at United Artist Studios in Hollywood, California. 

Bekka Bramlett then had her first developmental deal at the tender age of twelve. From age seventeen on, Bekka has been steadily making records, writing songs (of which many became hits), and touring worldwide with some of the greatest musical geniuses of all time. With her unique and all-encompassing personality, Bekka has never known the struggle of “fitting into” a new environment. She immediately “caught on” and caught the attention of some major players, with whom she shares close relationships still today. One of her first experiences in Nashville involved Vince Gill. Bekka then went on to spend many weeks touring with Gill. Nashville remains amazed at the capacity of this young woman’s talent. 

Bekka has enjoyed living and working in this musical wonderland with some of the biggest names in country music. Country Greats such as Gill, Faith Hill, Wynonna, Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Jimmy Buffett, Dwight Yoakum, Amy Grant, Tim McGraw, Tanya Tucker, Brooks and Dunn, Travis Tritt, Montgomery-Gentry……and more. The list truly does go on and on. 

The multi Grammy winning artist, Alison Krauss said: “Bekka is one of my favorite female singers and I can’t begin to tell you just how much I admire her. She is beautiful and is a completely amazingperformer.”

Bekka, who replaced Stevie Nicks in the Iconic band FLEETWOOD MAC, from 1993-1997, earned her rightful place in history with her musical prowess. Her forward-thinking attitude and sound had her recording duets with the likes of Billy Joel, Joe Cocker, Rod Stewart, Dwight Yoakum, Vince Gill, Johnny Lang, the legendary “Soul Man” (Sam and Dave), Sam Moore, Bad Company, Kenny Rogers, John Waite, Delbert McClinton and more. 

2004 found Bekka Bramlett on Broadway……starring in the 4 times Tony nominated (including “Best Musical”) musical, “AIN’T NOTHING BUT THE BLUES”. She performed and sang nightly to rave reviews and standing ovations. 2005-2006 has Bekka still in Nashville, still living her musical dreams, and continuing to pursue the highest quality sounds with the greatest integrity of spirit.

Discover Bekka Bramlett new song "What's on my mind" now!

Charlie Faye "Wilson St."


Austin singer-songwriter Charlie Faye has just released her debut album 'Wilson St'.

 Showcasing her sultry voice, the release also demonstrates Charlie Faye’s extraordinary ability to capture the American experience as a songwriter. Aptly named, 'Wilson St', is much more than an album title or even a street name to Charlie Faye; it is a beautiful tapestry of her experiences across this country, from New York to Texas, sewn together through lyric and melody over state lines.

 After making a name for herself in her hometown of New York playing with her band the Jerks and touring as a sideman with Dan Zanes and Friends, Charlie Faye moved to Austin in search of a change of scenery and some new inspiration. She was quickly enveloped by Austin’s vibrant local music scene and found herself collaborating with local and traveling musicians alike. 

On 'Wilson Street' in Austin, Charlie Faye found her home, as well as her cause, among the run-down cottages that served for decades as a sanctuary for the city’s musicians. When the neighborhood was to be destroyed by a local developer, Charlie single-handedly fought back and devised a plan to relocate the affordable cottages instead. She had discovered magic in that musical enclave, a magic that had been present for generations, and she was not willing to let it go. Her community needed her to save it and she rose to the challenge. An Austinite for two short years, Charlie’s undeniable presence has already left a mark, both on 'Wilson Street' and city wide, through music and activism.

Many of the songs on 'Wilson St' were composed on Charlie’s old Gibson in her cottage on that very street and, in true bohemia fashion, are organic and candid. Album standouts include “Runaround,” a roll the windows down summer hit that speaks to the uncertainty of young love; “Coward’s Lament,” a wistful, crooning tale of love’s weakness; and “Bottletops,” a story of the passing of time by a lonely character, ready to tell his story over a jug of wine. These songs are a reflection of Charlie’s experiences. They are songs about real people and real places that have changed her life.

Charlie Faye understands that her artistic truth is achieved through a connection to those around her. Through her new home of Austin, the beloved Wilson Street and unconventional tour schedule, Faye will nurture relationships. 'Wilson St' is only the beginning.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at Hemifran


Jenee Halstead "The River Grace"

Jenee Halstead arrives with an alto voice that sways gently back and forth between the realms of frailty and strength - part Emmylou Harris, part June Carter, part Patty Griffin. Halstead grew up in the Inland Empire mining country of the West, a singing tomboy with a restless heart. Escaping a collapsed love affair, she left the high desert quiet for the fertile folk environs of Cambridge, Massachusetts quickly taking root at Harvard Square’s Legendary Club Passim. Backed by her nuanced, small-bodied guitar, Halstead draws from the haunting melodies of the Depression Era, patiently distilling folk, bluegrass, and americana to create music that Matt Smith, Club Passim’s longtime manager, describes as “fresh and new, yet familiar and timeless".

With "The River Grace", Jenee Halstead puts forth a collection of songs effortlessly suited to her voice, mixing dobro, mandolin, and upright bass with vintage Casio keyboards and subtle electronic beats. From the joyous declarations of “Before I Go” to the tragic balladry of “Darkest Day,” The River Grace’s sound is rooted in the past yet beckons the progression of Americana. Recorded in a small cottage studio, and produced by Evan Brubaker, Halstead is joined by keyboard wizard Steve Moore (Bright Eyes, Laura Veirs, Mount Analog), dobroist Mike Grigoni (Anais Mitchell), mandolinist Zak Borden (Willy Mason), and bassist Matthew Weiner (Asylum Street Spankers). The River Grace also features background vocals by a host of her most esteemed peers including Rose Polenzani, Holly O’Reilly, and Monique Lanier.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at Hemifran