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Sonny Lemaire returns with Exile reunion and SML for 2010!

While the band Exile reunited for a serie of concerts and a new record in the process, Sonny Lemaire joined songwriters Mark Selby and Clay Mills to record their self-titled album under the name "SML".

They're are responsible for some 20 No. 1 songs for the likes of Diamond Rio and the Dixie Chicks and started writing together about three years ago and quickly noticed an unmistakable chemistry in the writing room. The result of that chemistry — Selby Mills LeMaire, showcases each writer's musical roots and their unique combined abilities with a pen. 

"I see it as a mix between a funky group like The Subdudes and Crosby Stills Nash & Young," said Selby, who also has a career as a rock and blues artist. "We have a definite approach to recording, and sonically, it's somewhere between that . . . I think there are a lot of people out there looking for great music that is fresh and new that has touchstones to a lot of their favorite music from the past. I think we've made that by a happy accident."



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