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Venice "Electric - Live and Amplified"


Venice is a band of musicians who recall memories of the "Good Old Days" of Woodstock and the music of Southern Califonia. Their beautiful, heavenly harmonies and catchy songs are a couple of their strong points. Most of their songs are written by Kipp, Mark, Michael and Pat Lennon.

Venice's theater tours are very well attended by the fans and other music devotees. The band alternates between acoustic and electric shows. The small and intimate venues are not forgotten by the Lennons.  But last Spring of this year, they were in the Netherlands for a number of rock concerts. Their good friends Mark Harris on bass, Nick Bult on keyboards and Jamie Wollam on drums supported the band. These shows were recorded. And as a result, the live CD, "Electric - Live and Amplified" has been released.

A unique document for the fans, but also for newcomers. It hits you on all sides from your speakers. What a massive and tight sound! The foundation is laid down by the electric guitars of Michael and Pat Lennon. Kipp and Mark take care of the lead vocals. On this live CD, 15 songs in total, mostly older material can heard. The disc opens with the highly energetic songs, The Water, Bleeding, Circus in Town and My Woman. The music of Venice has sometimes been described as too mellow. The opposite is proven by the Lennons on this live CD. You hear a very inspired and motivated band of musicians. The CD contains the new rocking song, High So High. Baby’s Calling culminates with an energetic solo by Michael. On One Quiet Day, you can clearly hear the interaction between audience and band. Their hit single Think Again could not have been left off. One of the highlights of this CD is All my Life.

The song originates from their untitled debut album, and this performance is enhanced by the interweaving of some other well known covers like I Still Haven’t Found What I'm Looking For (U2) and Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac). The catchy final song, If I Were You, shows Venice at their best.



In case anyone's interested, this CD can currently only be purchased at Venice's concerts, or via mail order at Venice's official webpage,

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