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Bill Price "With The Eye Of A Skeptic & A Few Other Stories"

In 2000 Bill Price recorded his first album of original material, "Bones & Apples." It received airplay in the US and Europe on college and independent radio. He also teamed up with Indiana bluesman, Gordon Bonham to form "The Brains Behind Pa" - a three, sometimes five-piece band inspired by Bob Dylan's songs and influences. "Gordon and I both have a love of Dylan's music and much that inspired him, so we started a side project to kind of explore all of that music." The result was "Old Hat," an EP CD that contained seven traditional, folk and blues songs. 

A songwriter that is in a band inspired by Bob Dylan is bound to take the next logical step - that is, write original music for his band. "It's an obvious extension of what we were exploring in all the old songs and Dylan's music. It was time to apply those qualities that we like in all of that music, to our own music. Carve out our own identity." The resulting album, "Better For The Deal," released in May of 2006, has fifteen original songs and strongly reflects the band's influences. He has continued to play and record music both with The Brains Behind Pa and other musicians. Price released "The Circus & The Gallows" 3-song CD single in 2007. 

In 2009 he released "With the Eye of a Skeptic...", a full-length, acoustic-based CD. Price's music has continued to gather momentum both locally and in Europe and Scandinavia where the last few CD releases have seen healthy airplay and positive reviews from independent radio and media. Started over three years ago, this record is acoustic in nature with an emphasis on a more narrative approach to songwriting. Although acoustic, the album features a full band on each of the original thirteen songs. 

"What I wanted to do, was record a more 'singer/songwriter' type of album, that contained songs that were more direct and a little less abstract than some of my other recordings," Price says. "But at the same time, I didn't want it to be too soft and mellow, so there a full band on all of the tracks." 

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