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Discover Dynamo Bliss...

Formed 2005 in Umeå, Sweden. Dynamo Bliss, North Swedish art rock trio that fuses together the musical styles of The Beatles (Sgt. Pepper Era), Pink Floyd and Electric Light Orchestra with the lyrical styles of John Lennon, Neil Young and Roy Harper.

They also include elements of jazz (Miles Davis, Bill Evans) and classical (Bach, Bartók, Dulufré and Prokofiev) and, of course, the inevitable melancholy that only really long and cold winters can bring.

Mikael Sandström: vocals, guitars and bass, Stefan Olofsson: vocals, keyboards and bass, Peter Olofsson: drums and percussion.

The members of the band have all been active musicians since many years and have worked with most notably Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets, Donald Fagen), Jason Scheff (Chicago) and 2-time Grammy winner Jay Graydon (Kenny Rogers, Al Jarreau).

Visit their site and their MySpace.


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