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Regarding, Stage Dolls's upcoming new album "Always" will be released on 26th of February. Stage Dolls – one of Norway's best bands through more than a quarter of a century – are releasing their seventh studio album. The title "Always" underlines that this is a band you always can trust. And simultaneously with the release, the band can mark the 25th anniversary of their debut album, "Soldier's Gun". Life on the road has been almost endless for Stage Dolls since especially in Norway, but between concerts the boys have found the time to visit Nidaros Studio where they made their earlier records and the result is their new, in total 7th studio album, "Always". 

Torstein Flakne co-produced it with Ronny Wikmark, who also mixed it with Stage Dolls' former producer, Bjørn Nessjø. The American back-up singers from their success album "Stage Dolls" are also featured, so everything suggests a classic Stage Dolls album. 

Stage Dolls are: Torstein Flakne (guitar, vocals); Terje Storli (bass); Morten Skogstad (drums).



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