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Jess Klein "Bound To Love"

A folk troubadour whose talents have been lauded on the national and international scene for almost a decade, Jess Klein writes songs that tell the story of the soul – from wrenching heartbreak to finding the strength to pick up and move on.

Now, on her seventh studio album, "Bound To Love", Jess Klein has created an Americana gem that speaks to the troubadour in all of us. Inspired by a move to Austin in summer of 2008, she evokes the dusty roots of Texas songwriters and melds them into her own blend of spot-on, speak-to-the-heart lyrics, percussive guitar and a voice as sweet as it is strong.

Jess Klein emerged from the Boston music scene in 1998 with her independent release, "Wishes Well Disguised", but it was her later releases – 2000’s "Draw Them Near", 2005’s "Strawberry Lover" and 2006’s "City Garden" that would capture the attention of critics and fans worldwide.

Recorded at The Aerie in Austin, TX with producers Mark Addison and Scrappy Jud Newcomb during December 2008 and January 2009, 'Bound To Love', shines as her most confident work to date. From jubilant anthems to delicate and beautiful moments, the running theme is moving to a new and better place – emotionally, geographically and more.

If "City Garden" was Klein finding solace in Motown and old blues, "Bound To Love" is self-remedy in Americana and country; it’s kickin’ up some dirt in the south and sweating out your worries on the back porch.

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