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Bamboo Brothers "Moments"

Bamboo Brothers got together in the autumn of 1983 with a handful of songs written by bassist Assi Roar.
Assi Roar, Kristian Lassen, Jesper Ørberg, Mikael Roupé and Troels Skovgaard quickly sensed a good chemistry, and made their debut after lots of hours in a smelly rehearsal room at the legendary Music Café in Magstræde in Copenhagen. It was a smash hit and the band filled the place for several dates after that.

Soon after the success of their first gigs the band was chosen to be “Band of the month”. This changed everything. 
Suddenly it was a full time job - songwriting, rehearsals and touring, and the Quest for the Illusive Recording Contract began. BB quickly became a rather popular live band, and toured extensively all over Denmark – venues were packed but still the record labels showed no interest.

In the spring of 1993 BB released the album "No Easy Way" then "Bamboo Brothers" in 1994 with excellent reviews. Ole Kibsgaard joined the band and with his soulful, high pitched voice and blended perfectly with BB’s sophisticated vocal arrangements. He also contributed with some great guitar playing. BB played a few festival concerts with this new line up, but the chemistry just wasn´t the same and eventually the band called it quits. From 1995 to 2005 Bamboo Brothers simply did not exist.

In the autumn of 2005 the original members of the band realized that over 20 years had passed since their debut and were invited to the scene of the crime - The Music Café. 
It was to be just the one gig and nothing else. However, they had to rehearse. During rehearsals they rediscovered the magic and the chemistry. New songs were composed and the band decided to mark this celebration with a new album. The end result was the album “Moments” which has just been released.


All the album’s lyrics are, except for one, written by Mikael.
The music is composed by Assi, Troels, Jesper and Mikael and has been jointly arranged. The first singles have had good air play on Danish Radio, and currently they are playing Assi's "Would you believe".

Moment is now available on itune!

In the 10 year long break from BB, Troels has distinguished himself both as a soloist and a producer. 
He has released 2 solo albums "Troels Skovgaard" and "No Matter How Far I Go" that the radio plays diligently, and has received good reviews abroad. 
Troels has also played and recorded with Bob Ricketts, Delmar Brown (Sting, Miles Davis) Mo Pleasure (Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson), Alex Acuna (Weather Report. Koinonia), Justo Almario (Koinonia, Tanja Maria) and a bunch of danish soloists.

Troels Skovgaard: No Matter How Far I Go


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