Melissa Etheridge "Fearless Love"
Discovered on YouTube!

A tribute band to Airplay from Norway called... Airplayin'!


AIRPLAYIN' is a happy bunch of musicians from Norway who wants to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the legendary AIRPLAY album, which was released in 1980. The two brilliant producers/musicians David Foster and Jay Graydon were the masterminds behind the production, and together with vocalist Tommy Funderburk (and Bill Champlin with a few TOTO friends) they formed the album which was to be the "mother of all westcoast albums". Unfortunately, AIRPLAY never became a real band. The songs from the album have rarely been performed live, and this is what triggered AIRPLAYIN' to start rehearsing all the complex songs from the album. AIRPLAYIN' is a humble tribute to Graydon/Foster, and will be ready for live performances in Norway/Scandinavia by spring 2010!


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