Wheels of Fire "Hollywood Rocks"
Poco, Live At Columbia Studios Hollywood 9/30/71

Jonathan Singleton and The Grove

Jonathan Singleton & The Grove's self titled lp is now available! 

Jonathan Singleton’s hometown of Jackson, Tennessee lies roughly halfway between Memphis and Nashville, and that turns out to be a pretty good guide to the geography of the music on his debut album. Singleton’s gritty guitars and blues-saturated vocal attack draw heavily from the American center of soul, while the stories and lyrical craft are pure Music City. It’s a potent mix, one born of a searching musical spirit, and truth be told, Singleton is a little surprised to find himself garnering so much interest and support from country music.

In the beginning I thought we would do a rock thing and that I would be the drummer,” he says, which sounds borderline crazy coming from a triple threat guitarist/writer/singer. For years, he was in a band with his older brother who held down the front man spot while Jonathan sat in back, keeping time and going with the flow. “We played blues and rock and we even tried to get a record deal and did some showcases for labels, but we did so many things nobody knew how to make it one thing,” he recalls.



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