Dave Robbins "Soul Mining"
Eryn Shewell "4th & Broadway"

Matt Keating "Quixotic"

Matt Keating's three albums 'Tell It To Yourself' (1993), 'Scaryarea' (1995) and 'Killjoy' (1997) established a distinctive sound that split the difference between folk-rock and power pop, and favored words and music over angst and posture. While Keating's music is often labeled Americana, it is in fact inspired by a broad range of influences; traditional country, old school punk and classic songwriters.

For his 4th album Matt decided to choose an endangered format (the long-playing record-album) to perform some much-needed resuscitation on the great lost art of the album. It's exactly the kind of implausible, foolishly romantic, unabashedly retrograde quest that deserves a title like 'QUIXOTIC'. And so it seems perfectly natural that QUIXOTIC should also be a double CD collection of 23 new songs. 

However, 'QUIXOTIC' is no rock opera. Instead, like two sides of a vinyl LP, each of the 40-or-so minute discs are, essentially, two perfectly paced legs of the same destination-anywhere road trip.

Matt has just signed a deal with Red Parlor Records to release his brand new album, 'Between Customers' worldwide in mid 2010.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at Hemifran


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