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Wheels of Fire "Hollywood Rocks"

Avenue of Allies is pleased to announce the release of Wheels of Fire.

The Dave Rox project started in 2006, when Davide Barbieri (Dave Rox) did listen to some demos to Michele Luppi (Killing Touch, Los Angeles, ex-Vision Divine), his vocal coach at that time, who immediately offered him to cooperate for the realization of an album, so they started to work on the arrangement of the songs. Meanwhile, David knows the guitarist Stefano Zeni, they play together in a rock cover band for a while and he saw immediately the enormous potential of this guy so he knew he had found the right guitarist for the project. The other two guys who joined the band were Roberto Galli on bass and Andrea Zingrillo on drums. 

The records started in the summer of 2007 and ended in late 2009, a long hard work trying to get the best from the debut album. Produced by Michele Luppi, the sound that emerges is an old-style hard rock / AOR, with big drums, stunning guitars and catchy choruses, all mixed and mastered by Roberto Priori (Killing Touch, Michele Luppi’s Heaven). After some changes in the band’s line-up with the incoming of Marcello Suzzani on bass and Fabrizio Uccellini on drums, the guys are ready to spread their music all over the world under the name "Wheels of Fire".


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