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The Adrienne Hindmarsh Trio

Gary Wright "Connected"

Right before Gary Wright started the last Ringo All Starr tour in 2008, he began to write for what would be his next studio album. he wanted it to be in the same direction that my album "The Dream Weaver" was; not too over-produced. So he recorded a few tracks with his engineer Rob Calhoun, who was very helpful in running the technology part of the process and then he went on tour with Ringo. 

That September after the tour was over he went to Sardinia, Italy where he wrote more songs (on acoustic guitar) and returned home to finish writing and recording the album over the next 18 months. Gary was personally very pleased with the results in both the songwriting and recording parts of the process. Ringo, Joe, Skunk and Will's performances added a great touch to the album as did Valerie and Lisa on the backing vocals. So now he give it up to you and hope you will be uplifted by what you hear. he named the album Connected because he believe we are all connected with one another and that our thoughts and actions have a great influence on our planet collectively.


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