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Kere Buchanan "Starting Over"

Jimi Jamison & Jim Peterik "Extra Moments"

MelodicRockRecords is very proud to announce the release of MRR001: Jimi Jamison & Jim Peterik - Extra Moments for Pre-Sale now.

Jimi Jamison teamed up with his former Survivor bandmate Jim Peterik in 2007 to record a new solo album. That album was released via Frontiers Records in 2008 to high critical acclaim and fan praise. The guys spent a year writing material for Crossroads Moment and even with 15 tracks included, there were several more that didn't make the cut. Jimi Jamison appears with the very generous approval of Frontiers Records. Jimi and Jim both loved the idea I had of compiling the various tracks that didn't make the original album for a stand alone release. Adding to the value of this release is some additional alternative takes and recording demos to round out a stunning 11 track release, showcasing the talent and chemistry of these much loved duo. The complete picture of Crossroads Moment is now available with the release of Extra Moments on July 23. 

Pre-Orders for this limited edition release are available now.



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