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Marc Cohn "Listening Booth: 1970"

Al Jardine "A Postcard from California"

Beach Boys co-founder Al Jardine, who started the group in 1961 with the Wilson brothers (Brian, Carl, and Dennis) and their cousin Mike Love, released his new solo album, A Postcard from California.

The twelve-song collection includes four cuts that comprise what Jardine calls 'the green side' of the new album, compositions that speak to the relationship of man and his environment. 'Don't Fight the Sea,' 'Tidepool Interlude' and 'A California Saga' are songs that reflect this artist's deep love for the California coastline and his concern for the ecological health of the planet.

 Al Jardine has always embodied that concern for the environment, and the coastline and ocean in particular. Previously, on the Beach Boys' 'Surf's Up' album, he and Mike Love had written the song, 'Don't Go Near the Water.' The new album includes 'Lookin' Down the Coast,' a tale of the discovery of California by the Spanish, as seen through the eyes of its natural inhabitants, the California condor, the whale, the otter and the bear. 

The collection, 'A Postcard from California,' was largely penned by Al Jardine and features a regular 'who's who' of classic rock and popular music royalty. Jardine was joined in the studio by a steady and willing stream of famous friends, including Brian Wilson, Glen Campbell, Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell of America, Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Marks, Richie Cannata and John Stamos, in addition to those already noted elsewhere in this announcement. Completing the generational span, Jardine's sons, Matt and Adam, are also heard on vocal harmonies.



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