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Al Jarreau now hospitalized in Gap, France


AL JARREAU has been hospitalized in Gap (south of France, French Alps) yesterday evening just before his concert in a Jazz Festival in the city of Barcelonnette. He suffers breathing and heart problems according to the doctors interviews shot for french TV channels. The doctors believe fatigue as well as the altitude may have played a role in Jarreau's health problems. New of his health are good.

The singer is still AL JARREAU at Gap public city hospital and the medical center there hope to transfer Al Jarreau in Marseille (La Timone) hospital as soon as possible.

According to his agent Joe Gordon, Al Jarreau has already canceled two shows in Germany and another in Azerbaijan besides the one in France and this hospitalization forces him to cancel 4 concerts. Al Jarreau played before July 20 in Marseille. Here is a brief video shooting from a fan from his concert.

We wish Al Jarreau a full recovery.


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