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Return of Bachman & Turner

Bachman & Turner You Ain t Seen Nothing Yet again! The men who recorded the song that was #1 in both Billboard and album charts are releasing their first album together in 20 years! Bachman & Turner have written and recorded many classic number one songs, and have had at least 6 or more in the top 50. They have sold in excess of 25 million albums worldwide, with 4 platinum albums and 6 gold albums to date. Takin Care Of Business is #10 in the top 100 most covered songs in the U.S. as reported by Guitar Magazine.

Randy Bachman has reunited with Fred Turner to record a new album that is a hair raising, fist pumping road trip across a landscape of mountain sized guitars, thunder laden drums and full throttle vocals. Takin Care of Business , You Ain t Seen Nothin Yet , Let It Ride , Sledgehammer , Hey You , Blue Collar , Not Fragile , Four Wheel Drive , Looking Out For #1 and My Wheels Won t Turn are just a few of the classic rock anthems written and recorded by Bachman & Turner.


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