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Ry Cuming, a new artist to discover...

Born on Woodford Island in the Far-North Coast of Australia and growing up in the coastal town of Angourie, Ry Cuming was a bleached blonde kid who spent his days on the beach and in the water. From the first time he stood on a surfboard at age 3 and held his first guitar at 5, it was easy to see the natural path ahead of him. 

One day after surfing in the World Longboard Championships, Ry was playing in the hallway of a hotel when one of the surfers watching called her boyfriend, an L.A. film producer, to come check him out. The next day he came up to me at the beach and said, What are you doing with your music? I just said, Playing it. Shortly after that honest and simple exchange, the film producer flew to LA and his immersion into the SOCAL music scene began. 

His undeniable talent, good looks, and infectious, laid-back demeanor immediately ingratiated him with the best LA had to offer. He recorded demos and started working with then-fledgling L.A. bands Phantom Planet, Rooney, and Maroon 5 (Cuming's Australia tour mates in 2009). 

Before a trip back to Australia, Ry took what he thought would be a casual meeting with Jive Records/Bellasonic. He quickly found himself signed to the powerhouse label. He has since hooked up with mega-successful producer John Alagia (John Mayer, Jason Mraz) to produce his debut album, the eponymously titled Cuming. The 11 songs move from gorgeous and hushed (Home) to grimy and rocking (Chemistry), featuring shout-it-from-the-rooftops choruses (Meaning of It All), vulnerable breakdowns (Heartbreak), and angelic, tumbling falsetto melodies (Is This Love). 

Each hook-filled song burrows its way into your consciousness. Always Remember Me featuring Sara Bareilles was plucked off his debut EP by several radio stations (Austin, Portland, Charlottseville, to name a few) ahead of the official first single, Some Kind of Love , to be serviced prior to album release. Ry will be on the road in support of his debut album, and that is where Cuming really shines...doing what he loves best.


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