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Seal "Commitment"


Over the course of a remarkable career that spans more than two decades, Seal has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide and enjoyed success across numerous genres of music. His emotional, romantic love songs such as “Prayer For the Dying,” the Grammy Award-winning “Kiss From A Rose,” and “Don’t Cry,” (all from 1994’s Seal II), and “Love’s Divine” (from 2003’s Seal IV), delighted fans and earned him critical acclaim.

He has also seen great success in the dance/pop music world beginning with his roots in Britain’s house music/rave scene with his debut 1991 album and returning to those roots with 2007’s dancefloor-friendly System.

In 2008, Seal released "Soul" produced by David Foster, a stunning compilation of classic soul songs delivered with Seal’s unique, signature touch.

"Commitment" is Seal new collaboration with David Foster with brand new songs. Discover the making-of videos of "Commitment" HERE.


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